How to Access Ramanas Park in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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How to Access Ramanas Park in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Ramanas Park is a new feature added to Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, via which you can encounter and capture various Legendary Pokémon. The downside is that you will need to spend a lot of time digging in the Grand Underground to get the chance to encounter just one of the available legendaries.

Using the Ramanas Park Guide below, you will learn how to access the Park, get Mysterious Shards, and which Slates to trade them for!

How to Unlock Ramanas Park in Pokémon BDSP

When you turn in your Sinnoh Dex to Professor Rowan and receive the National Dex, Professor Oak will turn up and mention something about “Ramanas Park” being open.

This Park can be found on the far-east end of Route 221, south of Sandgem Town. You will need to use HM Surf to reach it.

Enter the Park, and Professor Oak will greet you, giving you the Chain Counter Pokétch App for use alongside the Pokéradar you received from Professor Rowan.

`At the back of this building, you will see a door leading out to the Park itself. In the Park, you can enter several cave structures, each pertaining to a different Legendary Pokémon.

In each cave, there’s a slot for a slate. Placing the correct Slate into each pedestal will take you to fight one Legendary Pokémon per Slate used. So how do you get Slates?

How to Get Slates in for Ramanas Park

In the Ramanas Park Entrance area, there’s a counter on the west side with two NPCs standing behind it. The northern-most NPC will sell you Pokéballs and other useful items to help you capture the Park’s various Legendary Pokémon.

The southern-most NPC will sell you Slates. But they cannot be purchased using money; you will need to spend Mysterious Shards—more on how to farm those later.

You can get 1 Slate for either three Small Mysterious Shards or 1 Large Mysterious Shard.

At first, only Discovery Slates can be purchased, used in the Discovery Room to fight either Registeel, Regiice, or Regirock. You won’t be able to acquire any other types of Slate until you have captured all three of the Regi-Legendaries.

Once you do, you’ll gain access to Kanto Slates (Shining Pearl) or Johto Slates (Brilliant Diamond).

Below is a full table for each Slate, the legendaries they pertain to, and how to unlock them for purchase:

SlateLegendary PokemonUnlock Conditions
Discovery SlateRegisteel, Regiice & RegirockUnlocked by Default
Kanto SlateArticuno, Moltres & ZapdosShining Pearl Only. Capture Regirock, Regiice & Registeel.
Johto SlateSuicune, Entei & RaikouBrilliant Diamond Only. Capture Regirock, Regiice & Registeel.
Soul SlateLatios & LatiasCapture Suicune, Entei & Raikou.
Rainbow SlateHo-ohBrilliant Diamond Only. Capture Suicune, Entei & Raikou.
Squall SlateLugiaShining Pearl Only. Capture Suicune, Entei & Raikou.
Oceanic SlateKyogreCapture Suicune, Entei & Raikou.
Tectonic SlateGroudonCapture Suicune, Entei & Raikou.
Stratospheric SlateRayquazaCapture Suicune, Entei & Raikou.
Genome SlateMewtwoCapture Suicune, Entei & Raikou.
Distortion SlateGiratina (Origin Forme)Capture Giratina (Standard Forme); see Giratina Guide here.

Ramanas Park is a very cool feature they’ve added to the game, and it extends the gameplay by several hours, but the whole experience is ruined by having to dig for Mysterious Shards. A long, arduous, and frankly dull process.

Where to Find Mysterious Shards in Pokemon BDSP

You will see small yellow dots on your map when exploring the Grand Underground. These indicate the location of hidden treasures in the walls.

If you press , you can ping the surrounding area causing the treasures to glow so that you can interact with them via .

Doing so will begin a digging minigame, in which you can use a sledgehammer and pickaxe to dig treasures out of the walls.

As you do so, a crack will form across the top of the screen. If this crack reaches the left side of the screen, the wall will collapse, and the remaining treasures will be lost forever.

Once Ramanas Park is open, you will have a slight chance of finding Mysterious Shards in the walls. You will need to wander the Grand Underground, digging in every possible spot, hoping to find a Mysterious Shard or two.

Increasing Your Chances of Finding Mysterious Shards

In your Grand Underground adventures, you may have noticed that sometimes a Diglett or Dugtrio will appear at certain intersections.

These Pokémon will quickly shoot underground when you approach them, leaving behind a purple sparkle that you can pick up.

These are Underground Points. When you collect one, the gauge under your map will fill by 1. Dugtrio will leave behind three points for you to collect.

The more points you have, the higher your chances of finding rarer items like Evolution Stones, Gorgeous Stone Boxes, and–indeed–Mysterious Shards.

When the gauge hits 40/40, your subsequent few digs are guaranteed to contain only the rarest items, which, if you’re fortunate, will include Large Mysterious Shards.

Sadly, this only lasts for a few digs, and then the gauge will reset to 0/40.

Fortunately, you can farm this to a degree. If you find a Pokémon den close to an intersection where Diglett spawns, you can go in and out of the den, forcing the Diglett to respawn repeatedly.

I did this outside of a den in the southwest corner of the Underground.

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