Metroid Dread Boss Guide

Metroid Dread


Nintendo Switch

Release Date

October 8th, 2021




Mercury Steam, Nintendo

As is the case in all Metroid games, Metroid dread has some challenging and incredibly memorable bosses. Learning a boss’ attack patterns and attempting the fight repeatedly has long been a staple of Metroid games and Metroid Dread is no exception to this, even making the fights slightly more cinematic with Grab Sequences and Cutscenes between each phase of a fight.

In the Metroid Dread Boss Guide below, we hope to help you overcome every one of these challenges, including miniboss fights like the five Chozo Soldiers.

Note that E.M.M.I Units have their own Guide here.

How to Beat Corpious

Where to Find Corpious

After you have defeated the White E.M.M.I, you can use your new Spider Magnet abilities to reach the Corpious Boss fight on the east side of Artaria.

Destroy the Worm Door by getting close and countering it with when you see the yellow flash. While it is stunned, press to fire a single shot, destroying it. It will drop enough energy and ammo to replenish your stores.

Corpious Fight Phase One

During the first phase of the Corpious Boss fight, you simply need to shoot its pale face to hurt it. Only missiles ( + ) and fully-charged Charge Beam Shots (hold ) will damage it, anything else will be deflected.

If it raises its tail above its head, it is about to stab down at you, move closer to Corpious’ face and the tail will get stuck in the ground behind you, giving you plenty of time to continuously damage its face.

When Corpious coils its tail up above its head, it is about to swipe at your feet, so jump in the air to avoid this attack.

Whenever Corpious spits a green projectile at you, you can actually shoot the projectile to destroy it. Doing so will drop energy and ammo to help you survive the fight for longer.

Keep damaging its face until a cutscene plays and you enter phase two of the fight.

Corpious Fight Phase Two

During the cutscene, Corpious will turn invisible, and a small orb in its tail will begin glowing.

The fight here is the same, except that Corpious is harder to see, making his attacks slightly more difficult to dodge.

Additionally, when it slams its tail into the ground, it doesn’t matter which side of it you are on, because you can shoot its new weak point from either side.

The weak point on its tail is damaged by normal Power Beam shots, so you don’t need to use missiles or Charge Beam shots.

The more you damage the weak point, the redder it will become. Continue damaging it until another cutscene plays, entering phase three of the fight.

Corpious Fight Phase Three

During this next cutscene, Corpious will break some panels off the walls, revealing magnetic strips you can cling to during the fight.

When the cutscene ends, you will be behind Corpious and its body will be raised above the ground.

Slide under its body to its other side and it will try to hit you with its tail.

A yellow flash will indicate an opportunity to counter the attack by hitting . If you do so, a long sequence will begin where you can get several easy shots on Corpious’ face. Remember that it is only weak to Missiles and Charge Shots though, and use those as much as you can throughout the sequence.

You will get a second opportunity to do this later in the fight, when it will turn its back to you, exposing no weak points.

The remainder of this fight will be a combination of the first two phases, with a few new attacks thrown into the mix.

When corpious is visible, shoot its face with Missiles and Charge Beam shots. Whenever it goes invisible, focus on hitting the glowing point on its tail.

Be careful to avoid its attack and be on the lookout for three new attacks:

Whenever Corpious begins releasing a poisonous green fog into the area, you can jump up and cling to the magnetic strips to avoid taking damage.

While you are attached to these magnetic strips, it will sometimes ram itself into the wall to try and hit you, you should use this attack as an opportunity to leap over to its other side and then put some distance between it and you.

Also while you are attached to the magnetic strips, it will often aim the point of its tail at you and then jab at the wall. You should drop down to avoid this, making it get its tail stuck in the wall, allowing you to freely hit its face or tail some more.

Keep this up until it is eventually defeated.

You will receive the Phantom Cloak Aeion Ability for defeating Corpious, allowing you to go invisible by pressing .

Use this ability to avoid being detected by E.M.M.I units and get past Sensor Lock Doors.

How to Beat Kraid

After you have defeated the Green E.M.M.I to get the Morph Ball ability, and retrieved the Varia Suit from Artaria, you will finally be able to reach the next Worm Door here in the bottom-left of Cataris:

When you are ready, destroy the Worm Door and head inside.

There will be a small cave section to traverse before you drop into the Boss Room to see a cutscene introducing a nostalgic boss fight with Kraid, an enemy who appeared in Metroid, Super Metroid, and Metroid: Zero Mission.

Kraid Fight Phase One

Throughout the first phase of the Kraid boss fight, you should fire missiles and/or charge shots at its open mouth to deal damage. Regular wide beam shots won’t deal any damage.

Kraid will exclusively attack you via projectiles throughout this phase. You can either avoid or destroy these projectiles, but the fire projectiles cannot be destroyed.

I would recommend shooting his claw projectiles with Missiles to destroy them and retrieve ammo. You should avoid the other projectiles by moving left/right along the platform.

You can shoot the rock-like projectiles for energy if you like, but having to stand still to aim up at them will make it difficult to avoid getting hit.

Keep hitting Kraid in the mouth until a cutscene plays, in which Kraid will get one of its arms free and break the ground you are standing on. This will cause you to drop down in front of its gut for phase two of the fight.

Kraid Fight Phase Two

You will see a rather disgusting hole on Kraid’s belly which looks like the perfect place to begin shooting him.

Shoot the wound with Charge beams and Missiles to deal a lot of damage, but regular Wide Beam shots will actually work here if you’d prefer to use those to chip away at Kraid’s health.

The wound becomes more and more purple as you damage it until it becomes so sore that Kraid covers it with his hand.

It will fire two different types of projectile from the wound at you. One is a solid rock-like projectile and the other is a large globule of poisonous fluid.

You should shoot down both projectiles for ammo and energy pickups, but be careful with the poisonous projectiles. When they hit the ground, it will become coated in poison for a moment. You should avoid this by jumping in the air.

Whenever you deal enough damage to Kraid’s stomach wound that he covers it, he is guaranteed to fire three simultaneous projectiles afterward, which will stick into the wall on the left side.

Crouch or Morph Ball (zl) to avoid being hit, and then watch as a magnetic strip will slide down the left wall.

When you grab that strip, it will start moving upwards, carrying you back up to Kraid’s face, where you can deal massive damage by unloading a few Missiles or Charge Shots into Kraid’s face.

While you are on the magnetic strip, Kraid will try to knock you down by throwing its claws at you. If they hit you, they will knock you back down to the lower level.

It is possible to destroy the claws he has thrown by shooting them with a Missile. This will allow you to stay on the strip for longer and unload more firepower into Kraid’s face.

Occasionally, Kraid will grow frustrated and attempt to smack you with its hand. At that point, you will see a yellow flash, indicating the opportunity to Melee Counter.

Press with the right timing to trigger a melee counter and prevent him from knocking you off. You will get a big boost of Energy and a sequence will play in which you will get to fire many rockets and/or Charge Beam shots at his mouth, dealing massive damage.

He may also occasionally punch directly at you, before he does this he will pull his left hand back off-screen in preparation. This cannot be countered so you will simply need to drop down to the lower level again.

After you have dealt enough damage to Kraid’s face, a final cutscene will play, where Samus releases Kraid’s shackles and he sinks into the pit of lava below him.

There is no upgrade reward for defeating Kraid.

Jump onto the projectile platform he fired during the cutscene and then use the magnetic surfaces above to reach a Morph Ball tunnel you can use to escape.

Follow the tunnel to the end and drop down in front of a door locked with a Missile Cover.

Inside, you will find an Item Sphere containing the Diffusion Beam Upgrade.

Return to Dairon via the Teleportal east of the Item Sphere, where you can use the Diffusion Beam to progress further.

How to Beat Robot Chozo Soldier

After acquiring the Grapple Beam, you will take a short detour to Ferenia, where you will meet an NPC named Quiet Beak.

He will explain the backstory a bit but then be attacked by the Robot Chozo Soldier boss during the cutscene, throwing you straight into a battle you probably weren’t expecting!

The Robot Chozo Soldier is more of a mini-boss in both terms of gameplay and physical size.

It is fast-paced and aggressive, attacking you head-on and attacking with a similar weapon to Samus’ arm cannon.

It can both use regular power beam projectiles and charged beam projectiles. You should avoid both by jumping or crouching out of the way.

It will sometimes swing at you with a blue blade attack. You should try to counter this when you see the yellow flash.

This will stun it for a short moment, causing it to drop ammo and energy, and allowing you to land a few Missile/Charge Beam attacks.

Note that standard Wide Beam shots will not damage it.

When this mini-boss’ blade turns red, its slashing attacks are impossible to counter and so you should avoid them.

You should also note that this enemy is not very quick at moving vertically, so you can switch between upper and lower platforms to impede it for a moment.

You can use the Flash Shift ability to quickly put distance between the two of you and avoid the boss getting too close.

In short; avoid projectiles, Counter its blue attacks, use Flash Shift to dodge away from it, switch between upper and lower platforms, and pummel it with Missiles and Charge Beam shots until it is defeated.

You won’t receive a reward for defeating this enemy, but you can now head to Burenia to face Drogyga.

How to Beat Gold Robot Chozo Soldier

I am sorry to say that this will not be the last time you face one of these enemies. A Gold version will appear later in the game when you first arrive in Ghavoran, but the method for defeating it remains the same.

How to Beat Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers

After defeating Escue in Ferenia and recovering the Storm Missiles, you will run into both a Black Robot Chozo Soldier and a Gold Robot Chozo Soldier who you will need to fight at the same time.

The methods for beating them haven’t changed at all. Hit them with missiles, dodge red slash attacks with Flash Shift, counter blue slash attacks, switch between upper and lower levels often, and jump to avoid projectiles.

However, you now have access to the Storm Missiles. With these, you can lock onto each Soldier up to three times and fire a barrage of powerful missiles at them, even targeting them both at once if you need to.

I would recommend focusing on just one of these enemies at once, however. Try to take out the Black one, which has less HP than the Gold one, before turning your attention to–and finishing off–the Gold Robot Chozo Soldier.

After you’ve defeated them, continue west to collect the Space Jump Ability.

Don’t think you’re done with these guys just yet. You will need to fight another duo of Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers in Burenia, after recovering the Screw Attack ability in Artaria. Both of them will be Gold.

Fortunately, this is your last encounter with them, and they haven’t grown any more difficult to defeat since your last encounter with them–But you’ve grown stronger!

After you beat them, head west and take the green teleportal to Ghavoran.

How to Beat Drogyga

Drogyga is the boss of the Burenia area. The Worm Door for this fight is found at the very upper-left of Burenia and is only accessible once Quiet Beak has opened the way forward for you.

Defeat the Worm Door and head inside. There are a few narrow passageways to navigate and then a cutscene will play, introducing Drogyga.

Drogyga’s Attacks

Drogyga has a few attacks to look out for.

The most basic attack it has is to sweep a tentacle across the ground in an attempt to hit you. You will need to leap into the air twice and avoid both tentacles as they sweep the ground.

You will sometimes see Drogyga pull out three tentacles and group them together.

When it does this, it is about to thrust all three at you in one powerful attack. This attack can also be jumped over.

Throughout the fight, Drogyga will also fire projectiles at you, which will slowly fall onto you from overhead.

The blue ones can be shot, leaving behind energy & ammo pickups, but the red ones cannot be destroyed and must be avoided.

These projectiles are actually a good gauge for how close you are to defeating the boss. If it fires 2 red projectiles and 1 blue projectile instead of the usual 2 blue & 1 red, it means it is close to dead.

When you have drained the water from the room (see Defeating Drogyga), it will attempt to whip at you while you’re shooting its core. When it does this, you can simply jump over the attack.

Alternatively, if you time it right (watch for the yellow flash), you can press to counter the attack. This will stun it and allow you to deal more damage.

Defeating Drogyga

There’s some mild puzzle solving to do as part of this boss fight. When you first enter the fight, focus on shooting Drogyga’s tentacle which is “plugged-in” to the ceiling.

You should use fully-charged Charge Beam shots and Missiles to damage it until it retracts, but standard Wide Beam shots will work here too.

Once it has stopped drawing power, the two buttons at each side of the room will be operational again.

Pay attention here, as you will need to be quick:

You will need to shoot both buttons with a fully-charged Charge Beam shot to restore power in the room. However, you will have a limited amount of time to do so.

Shoot the first button and then grapple ( + ) onto the magnetic strip on the ceiling.

It will travel across the rail and bring you to the other side of the room, where you can attempt to quickly shoot the second button.

Once power is restored, water will drain from the room and Drogyga’s flower-like core will open up, allowing you to shoot the weak point within.

Again, use Charge Beam shots and Missiles. Standard Wide Beam shots won’t do damage.

Remember to look out for its whip attack while its core is exposed.

You can counter it for energy & ammo refills and a chance to deal extra damage.

After a short while, the room will fill with water again and the battle will repeat.

Keep this up until you defeat it, causing it to wither up.

There is no Upgrade Reward for defeating Drogyga but defeating it will get you access to the Ghavoran elevator.

How to Beat Chozo Soldier

There are five Chozo Soldier fights in Metroid Dread, each of them just as challenging as the last, but all of the fights are quite similar, so I’ve grouped them in this section here.

These fights are similar to the Robot Chozo Soldier fights but will offer slightly more challenge than their Robot counterparts.

Surviving Chozo Soldier Encounters

Let us first go into detail about the various attacks at the disposal of Chozo Soldiers and how to avoid them, before we get into the nitty-gritty about the best ways to get rid of these muscle-bound nuisances.

Chozo Soldiers will attack with their spear weapons, and the best way to avoid these is by using Flash Shift to keep your distance.

Before they attack, they will spin their spear and then lunge forward. You will need to leap in the air and then Flash Shift over them to avoid the attack.

The issue is that if you don’t jump high enough before Flash Shifting, you’ll be clipped by the upper bounds of the attack’s hitbox.

The best way to ensure you’re jumping high enough is to wall jump ( to jump on the wall, then again to push yourself away) and then Flash Shift while you’re high up in the air.

The Chozo Soldiers will sometimes employ wall jumps of their own, launching themselves in the air and then striking down from above. You should stay on the ground and Flash Shift horizontally to get out of the way.

In the last half of each fight, the Chozo Soldiers will change form.

In this form, their downward striking attacks will send out black sludge shockwaves that you will need to jump over.

They will also begin using beam-like black sludge attacks that you should leap over or duck under, depending on where you are when the beam is fired. Wall Jumping away from these will allow you to ensure you have enough height and air-time to avoid the attack completely.

The Red and Gold Chozo Soldier variants will have shields. These shields can be removed by countering at the yellow Flashes when they slam their shields into the ground.

With Red Chozo Soldiers, their shield will immediately shatter when you counter it, leaving behind ammo and energy pickups.

With the Gold Chozo Soldier, however, you will need to use the Grapple Beam to pull their shield out of their hands after you counter it.

At the very end of the fight, the Chozo Soldier will get in close, triggering a close combat sequence. You will need to melee counter both of the yellow flashes to finish the enemy off for good.

Defeating Chozo Soldiers

You should unload Missiles on Chozo Soldiers to deal as much damage as possible. Spam Missiles at them whenever you get a chance to do so, while also being careful to avoid their attacks.

Shielded Chozo Soldiers (Red & Gold) will be able to block any missiles you shoot while in front of them. To hit them, you will need to wait until they attack and then get behind them, where you can unload Missiles until they turn to face you.

Those fights will obviously be a lot easier if/when you counter their shield and disarm them.

Note that Red Chozo Shields will eventually break if you hit them with enough Storm Missiles, but the Gold Chozo Shields are immune to that and must be Countered.

The combat sequence at the end of each fight is the only way to kill a Chozo Soldier. If you fail to properly counter both attacks with , you will take massive damage and will need to weaken them again to trigger the sequence another time.

Chozo Soldier Locations

As stated, there are five Chozo Soldiers that will impede your progress at different moments throughout the game;

The first is the Black Chozo Soldier waits for you at the center of Elun, near the top of the map, after you’ve collected the Plasma Beam Upgrade.

It will not give you any Upgrade Rewards, but you will need to defeat it to progress from Elun back to Ghavoran.

The second encounter is with another Black Chozo Soldier, encountered in Ghavoran, shortly after you have collected the Spin Boost Upgrade.

Your third Chozo Soldier encounter will be with a Red Chozo Soldier, who attacks you in one of the cold rooms on the west side of Artaria after you’ve collected the Gravity Suit.

The fourth Chozo Soldier–another Red Chozo Soldier–will impede your progress in Hanubia, on the bottom floor of the Red E.M.M.I Zone after Samus has destroyed the Red E.M.M.I.

The final Chozo Soldier also appears in Hanubia, in the area leading to the Itorash Elevator.

This Elite Chozo Soldier is Gold and will be the toughest of all Chozo Soldiers to defeat but by now you, hopefully, have had enough practice to eventually emerge triumphant.

How to Beat Escue

Escue is similar in size and shape to other beetle-like enemies you have fought throughout the game, but it is much more powerful. Still, in terms of Bosses, this is one of the smallest and easiest to defeat, once you have its attack patterns down.

You will face it on the east side of Ferenia, after collecting the Ice Missiles from the Blue E.M.M.I.

To reach it, you will need to make your way down through a tower-like structure by using the Pulse Radar ability to find hidden breakable blocks in the ground on each floor.

At the bottom, you will find a Worm Door. Defeat it and head inside to face Escue.

Beetle Form Escue

Escue will fire two types of projectile. One is a large purple sphere that will stay on the ground for a short while before exploding, sending a burst of energy across the ground.

You will need to jump up into the air to avoid this energy burst.

The other projectile is a cluster of swarming projectiles that will track you. You should try to jump and avoid these but may need to Flash Shift to avoid them all.

You can’t hurt Escue while it is coated in purple electricity and must wait for this energy to dissipate before attacking it. This is guaranteed happen whenever Escue lunges at you.

Avoid its lunge attack by jumping out of the way. Employing the wall-jump strategy from the Robot Chozo Soldier fights will help you a lot.

You can hit Escue with standard beam shots and Charge Beam Shots for extra damage, but the most effective strategy is to pepper it with Ice Missiles. Spam them at the creature whenever its shields are down.

Parasite Form Escue

After you have dealt enough damage to Escue, it will reveal its true form as an X-Parasite. This orb will damage you if it touches you, but does not have any projectile attacks.

Avoid contact with it while hitting it with Ice Missiles until it dies.

Every time you hit it with a Missile, it will become invincible for a short moment and you must simply avoid it until it stops flashing, at which time you will be able to shoot it again.

It will spit out a cluster of small Parasites when hit, which you can collect to recover health and ammo.

Defeating Escue and collecting the big Parasite that comes out of it will unlock the Storm Missiles Upgrade. A very useful ability to have, indeed!

Look for Storm Missile Boxes in the area, which you can now destroy to progress.

How to Beat Experiment No. Z-57

You may recognize Experiment No. Z-57 from earlier in the game, where its carcass was being sliced by lasers in the background of one of the rooms.

Well, now that the X-Parasite is freely roaming the planet, its enormous corpse has become a host and it’s up to you to take it down.

Experiment No. Z-57 can be found in south Cataris after you’ve recovered the Gravity Suit.

Head through the Worm Door and you’ll be met with a chilling introductory Cutscene.

At the start of the fight, the boss up close to the camera and will do one of two things;

One of its basic attacks is to swing huge clawed tentacles at you.

Almost three-quarters of the available space will be taken up by this attack, and you will need to use Space Jump to stay in the safe areas at the top of the room.

It will do two of these attacks, one on each side of the room. Later in the fight, after you’ve got it close to defeat, it will do a third of these attacks, which you can avoid by Space Jumping in the middle of the room.

Its other attack is a large beam which is sweeps across the ground. This attack leaves pink, toxic waste on the ground, which will damage you over time if you stand in it.

Watch closely, and you will see that it leaves a gap in this toxic gunk. Note the location of this gap as you move in the opposite direction, away from the beam.

The boss will eventually pause its beam-firing for a moment. In this brief respite, Flash Shift over to the gap in the toxic gunk.

The boss will then continue its beam attack, which you are hopefully on the other side of, safe in the gunk-gap.

While avoiding these two attacks, spam its face with Ice Missiles and Storm Missiles to deal massive damage.

Experiment No. Z-57 Counter Chance

After a short while, it will grow frustrated and will come in closer, taking up one-half of the room. It will then fire a large sweeping beam at the ceiling and slowly bring it down towards the ground.

Stand close to its face and spam missiles at it while it does this, safe from the beam’s range.

When the beam gets close to the middle of the floor, it will stop and then attempt to chomp at you. Quickly counter this with when you see the yellow flash, and you’ll smack it away.

This gives you an extra chance at dealing damage in a very long close combat sequence, but will also give you a lot of energy & ammo refill pickups.

After it has done that attack, whether you counter it or not, it will rear back and start charging a large beam attack at you, with its tentacles embedded in the walls and ceiling.

Use Flash Shift to avoid the beam while charging your Storm Missiles by holding . When ready, lock onto all four of its tentacles and then press to release a barrage of missiles, hitting all four tentacles, dealing massive damage.

You will also receive some energy and ammo pickups for doing this.

If you fail to knock its tentacles off, the fight will continue exactly the same, you just won’t get the ammo and energy pickups which would be very helpful for this next section…

Experiment No. Z-57 Shockwaves

The next thing that Experiment No. Z-57 does is to fire a wide beam at the vents on the right side of the room. This causes several shockwaves to burst from them in a pillar formation.

The wind will also push you back towards the left wall which is coated in the same pink toxic gunk from earlier, so you don’t want to touch it.

Use to push towards the wind, avoiding contact with the wall, and use Space Jump to avoid the shockwaves as best you can. It’s a bit like Flappy Bird.

There are 11 bursts of shockwaves to avoid. 1-2 shockwaves can be jumped over with a single jump whereas 3-4 shockwaves will need to be double-jumped over with Space Jump.

All of the events mentioned above will repeat at least one more time before you will have dealt enough damage to defeat this boss.

Once you’ve done enough damage, a cutscene will play where it attempts to pull Samus off the cliff, but she finesses her way out of it as she always seems to do!

The boss will fall into the lava below, ending the fight.

You will receive no reward for defeating Experiment No. Z-57, but the furnace will reactivate, restoring all the frozen parts of the planet to their previous states. You can now return to Artaria via the Blue Teleportal in the east to collect the Screw Attack Ability.

How to Beat Golzuna

You can find Golzuna after collecting the Screw Attack, defeating the second group of Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers, and taking the Green Teleportal from Burenia to Ghavoran.

The Worm Door for this boss is in Northeast Ghavoran.

Once you head through, you will need to use the Morph Ball to enter a low passage and drop into Golzuna’s den.

Golzuna is similar to Escue in that it is a suped-up X-Parasite version of an enemy you’ve fought before. One of the very first enemies you ever fought in Metroid Dread, in fact.

When you first enter its den it will be normal, but as soon as you defeat it, the X-Parasite will mutate it.

Defeat it again and the stubborn Parasite will mutate it a third time, into the hulking Golzuna.

Golzuna can only be hurt from behind as its front end is heavily armored.

Getting behind it is as simple as Space Jumping over its head, but you can also slide under it whenever it rears back with its front legs in the air to attack you.

While behind Golzuna, you should unload as many Ice Missiles as possible into its Posterior, dealing massive damage.

Golzuna Bombs

Throughout the fight, Golzuna will drop small purple pellets, which will then align into formation.

These are cross bombs, and explode in four directions; up, down, left, and right. While positioned diagonally from a bomb, you are safe.

There are three formations the cross bombs will take up;

When the bombs form a square, with a bomb at each corner, you can use Space Jump to stay inside the square, where you will be safe.

When the bombs form a diagonal line, nowhere nearby is safe, and you should jump and Flash Shift over Golzuna to use it as a shield.

The final “formation” is not really a formation at all. Golzuna will drop a single homing bomb that follows you wherever you go. You will need to avoid this and use the beeping sound it makes to try and determine when it will explode.

Do your best to position yourself diagonally from it so that when it explodes you remain unharmed.

Parasite Form Golzuna

Continue damaging Golzuna until it reverts back to its X-Parasite form. As with Escue, you should avoid contact with the Parasite so as to not take damage.

Hit the parasite with missiles to cause it to drop smaller parasites that you can collect for Energy and Ammo.

Remember that it is invulnerable after being hit, so wait for it to stop flashing before you hit it again.

When the Parasite has been defeated, it will drop a big X-Parasite pickup. Collect it to unlock the Cross Bomb Upgrade.

You can use the Cross Bomb to access the nearby Shuttle to Hanubia.

How to Beat Raven Beak

You will first meet Raven Beak when he kicks Samus’ keister at the start of the game and removes all the equipment you’ve been working hard at restoring throughout the whole game.

He will then await you at the end of the game, in a fortress called Itorash floating high above the planet. Take the elevator to Itorash after you’ve defeated the Gold Chozo Soldier.

In the far right room, drop a Power Bomb to destroy the central pillar and some blocks on the right side. Use Space Jump to reach the elevator at the top.

You’ll get a moderately long cutscene that leads straight into the Raven Beak Fight.

Raven Beak Phase One

During Phase One of the Raven Beak fight, you will need to hit him with missiles. The more you hit him with missiles, the more his overshields change color. They will shift from blue to purple, then orange, and finally, gold.

Once his overshields are Gold, you cannot hurt him anymore and must focus on avoiding his attacks, healing, and countering melee attacks.

It has several attacks;

In one, he fires a beam directly up into the air, creating an area of pink light where you’ll receive damage over time. Flash Shift or run close to him to avoid being caught in the beam’s radius.

He will also fire a large purple sphere into the air which will slowly home in on you. You should shoot this sphere with four missiles to destroy it. When destroyed, it will leave behind energy and ammo pickups.

Another of his attacks is a three-pronged melee attack that spans from one side of the room to the other. When he does this, you should jump over him and Flash Shift over his head. Try not to get stuck against the wall when he does this.

In one attack, he will cover 80% of the screen with a large shockwave attack. You can only avoid it by crouching or entering Morph Bal form with .

Immediately after doing that attack, he will do a powerful melee attack. Watch for the Yellow Flash and then counter him to enter a combat sequence throughout which you can spam missiles at him, dealing damage even after his overshields have turned gold.

There are two other melee counter opportunities throughout the fight;

In one, Raven Beak stands up straight and performs a “come at me” gesture, beckoning you closer.

Don’t be shy, get close to him and press as soon as you see the yellow flash to enter a combat sequence.

You will need to Melee Counter a second time before you can start dealing damage, so look out for that before you start spamming missiles at him.

His other counterable attack is to draw his fist back behind him, which then glows red. Shortly after, he will charge the length of the room and punch you in the gut if you don’t counter it.

Hit once you see the yellow flash to enter the counter sequence.

Keep this up, collecting health from any black spheres he releases, until he opens his wings and enters Phase Two.

Raven Beak Phase Two

During Phase Two, you should be extremely careful to avoid Raven Beak’s attacks. There are no opportunities to counter or restore health during this phase of the fight.

When Raven Beak charges you, doing a barrel roll in mid-air, crouch or slide underneath the attack to avoid it.

Sometimes he will hover in mid-air before performing a downward slam, avoid it with Flash Shift or simply run out of the way.

He also has two beam attacks. One is a Heavy beam attack, which he will charge up and then fire diagonally.

Stay underneath him where you will be safe from the attack.

The other is similar to your Omega Stream, a spray of miniature projectiles.

He will aim at you with a red laser before firing this, so get moving as soon as you see it.

He will follow you around the room with this attack, so try to keep moving.

A good method for avoiding his fire is to wall jump or Space Jump up and then Flash Shift over his head.

When you land, keep moving along the ground until he stops firing, which shouldn’t be much longer.

Throughout this phase, you will need to try and land a few hits. Try to get him with Storm Missiles whenever you’re sure you’re safe from one of his attacks. Once you run out of missiles, spam normal Wave Beam attacks at him to finish him off.

Keep it up until you enter Phase Three.

Raven Beak Phase Three

Once you have done enough damage to Raven Beak, Samus will shoot one of his wings off in a cutscene and he will be grounded again.

You should focus on trying to avoid the onslaught of new attacks while watching out for melee counter opportunities.

Raven Beak will employ three new attacks. One is a sun-like burning sphere that he launches up into the air. This sphere will regularly send out shockwaves that you will need to try and avoid, though this is very difficult to do.

He will also fire a Heavy Cannon attack that spans the full screen, you should try to Space Jump and/or Flash Shift away from this.

Lastly, he has a new dash attack where he will float off the ground for a second, surrounded by blue light, before launching himself at you. You can either Flash Shift past it or slide under it, but it’s incredibly hard to avoid.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the Black Spheres return during this phase, which you can shoot down with missiles to recover energy and ammo.

You’re going to want to watch for the counterable dash attack, where he cocks his fist back and it glows red before he dashes at you.

You’ll need to counter this and fire Missiles at him. You will need to do this twice to reach the end of the fight. Surviving is your key objective here.

At the very end of the fight, a melee sequence will begin, and you will need to counter both yellow flashes to finish him off.

Don’t relax yet, I’m sorry to say it’s not quite over!

After a cutscene where Samus acquires the Metroid Suit and overpowers Raven Beak, he will mutate and the fight with Raven Beak X will begin…

How to Beat Raven Beak X

Fortunately this fight is much easier than the standard Raven Beak fight. You will get the Metroid Suit and the Hyper Beam to finish the fight with.

You will need to hold and don’t let go. Keep it held down.

Eventually, Raven Beak X will go down, and you will have 3 minutes to get back to your ship before the planet explodes… Intense!

While you run through Hanubi towards your ship, keep firing your new Hyper Beam with , it will destroy all obstacles and enemies in a single hit.

Reach your ship and watch a short cutscene before the credits roll. You will have completed Metroid Dread. Congratulations!

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