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October 8th, 2021




Mercury Steam, Nintendo

E.M.M.I Units are a new enemy type, added to the Metroid Canon via the latest game in the Metroid series; Metroid Dread. Throughout this E.M.M.I Guide, I will try and help you deal with these formidable new foes by giving tips on evading them, hints as to where you can find the Central Units, and advice on the best place to take them out once and for all.

How to Beat the Damaged E.M.M.I

Shortly after your arrival in Artaria, the game’s first area, you will be introduced to E.M.M.I enemies via this damaged E.M.M.I.

It will attack you during the cutscene, at which point the game will teach you that you can counter E.M.M.I attacks, but that it requires near-perfect timing. You essentially need to push a millisecond before the yellow flash appears.

The timing is very unforgiving so you should avoid ever getting caught by an E.M.M.I as this is not a reliable way to get away.

When it is stunned, push and press to slide under the robot’s legs and head into the next room.

Inside, jump up to the platform in the middle of the room. If the E.M.M.I catches up to you here, you will discover that it is too damaged to climb, and you’re safe up here.

This is the only E.M.M.I that cannot climb, so don’t get used to this, enjoy it while it lasts.

Head through the door in the top-right corner of the room and watch the cutscene of Samus interacting with the blue metal-encased brain in the center of the room.

From this “Central Unit” you will receive extra power, transforming your arm cannon into an Omega Cannon.

When you aim with the Omega Cannon, Samus will automatically face any enemy or target nearby. This is how you will defeat the Damaged E.M.M.I (and the only way to defeat an E.M.M.I Unit from this point on).

Complete the Omega Cannon Tutorial to leave the room and return to the damaged E.M.M.I and put some distance between you and it before holding to take aim.

Hold until the cannon is fully charged and then press (without releasing ) to fire a charged Omega shot at the E.M.M.I’s red “eye”.

This will instantly destroy it.

Your Omega Cannon power will dissipate. This happens after each E.M.M.I that you defeat, and you’ll need to find another Central Unit to be able to use the Omega Cannon again.

You do not receive any upgrades or abilities by defeating the Damaged E.M.M.I as it was simply a tutorial.

How to Beat the White E.M.M.I

You will come to meet the White E.M.M.I not long after defeating the Damaged E.M.M.I. After the cutscene, you will need to quickly make your way to this door:

Slide under the gap into the pool of water and the E.M.M.I will be unable to chase you any further.

Wait a moment and the E.M.M.I zone door will open, letting you leave.

You will not be able to defeat the White E.M.M.I on this level until you have found and defeated the local Central Unit, drained its power, and regained the Omega Cannon abilities.

The Central unit can be found here once you have acquired the Charge Beam and opened all Thermal Doors via a switch on the east side of the area.

How to Beat Central Units

Central Units are large brain-like enemies which will float in the center of the room. They have large armored shells that encase them and will utilize defensive measures within the room, such as cannons in the walls and ceiling.

To defeat them, you will need to hit them repeatedly with missiles ( + ) and Charge Beam shots (hold until fully charged, then release).

Halfway through the fight, the armor encasing the Central Unit will break apart, revealing its organic interior, but the fight will not change in any way. Keep hitting it with missiles and charge beam shots until it collapses to the ground.

Samus will then draw power from it to reactivate her Omega Cannon so that you can take on the E.M.M.I in the area.

Defeat the White E.M.M.I

As with the Damaged E.M.M.I, you will want some long corridors that you can use to put distance between yourself and the White E.M.M.I.

This E.M.M.I has a large shield plate over its face, protecting its eye. Therefore, you will need to destroy the shield before you can hit its weak point.

Use your Omega Cannon’s new Omega Stream ability by holding to fire a constant stream of rounds at the faceplate. You will need to maintain this stream until the faceplate overheats completely and falls off, exposing the E.M.M.I’s weak point.

Once you have done that, you will probably be far too close to the E.M.M.I, so take the time to put some distance between you again and then begin charging up the Omega Cannon’s Charge Shot by holding .

Once the shot is ready, press (without releasing ) to fire the fully-charged energy round at the E.M.M.I’s eye, finishing it off for good.

Two down, five to go!

For defeating the White E.M.M.I, you will receive the Spider Magnet upgrade. Use it to climb blue glowing surfaces. This will allow you to reach the first boss; Corpious.

How to Beat the Green E.M.M.I

The (garishly) Green E.M.M.I patrols the corridors of Cataris.

Until you defeat the Central Unit and regain use of the Omega Cannon, you will need to avoid the Green E.M.M.I at all costs. Thankfully, you by now have use of the Phantom Cloak Aeion Ability, which can allow you to hide from the E.M.M.I’s scanner.

You cannot use the Phantom Cloak to hide after the E.M.M.I has already seen you and is on the hunt, but it can be used to prevent it from detecting you.

Note that there are quite a few narrow corridors where even if the E.M.M.I can’t see you, it may still aimlessly walk into you, thus detecting and defeating you.

You should look for magnetic panels on ceilings. If you jump up and stick to the ceiling via use of your Spider Magnet upgrade, you can push up to press yourself against the ceiling and avoid contact with the E.M.M.I.

Note that this E.M.M.I can crawl into narrow spaces, giving it access to various ducts and access tunnels that may allow it to catch up to you quicker. All E.M.M.Is can do this from now on.

Before you can fight the Green E.M.M.I, you will need to find the Wide Beam in Dairon, allowing you to access the next Central Unit.

Once you have done so, and have your Omega Cannon back, it’s time to face this green meanie in its own territory.

Fortunately, the fight is very similar to the fight against the White E.M.M.I. You will first want to find a long corridor that you can use to put some distance between you and the E.M.M.I, then you will want to bait it to that location, or just wait for it to find you if it is nearby.

Once you have a clear shot down a long corridor at the E.M.M.I, hold to aim and to fire at its faceplate with the Omega Stream. The faceplate will overheat and then break off if you fire at it for long enough.

Once this happens, the E.M.M.I will be stunned. Use this opportunity to get away and find another long corridor where you can line up another shot at it.

Hold to aim and to charge an Omega Cannon shot. Once the cannon is fully charged, aim at the E.M.M.I’s “eye” and press without releasing to blast it in the face, killing it for good.

Your Omega Cannon will dissipate and you will learn the Morph Ball upgrade. Your next stop is Artaria, where you can use the Morph Ball to collect the Varia Suit.

How to Beat the Yellow E.M.M.I

While you are in Dairon, retrieving the Wide Beam needed to reach the Central Unit in Cataris, you will run into the Yellow E.M.M.I.

You won’t need to deal with this unit again until you return later with the Varia Suit from Artaria, and the Morph Ball and Diffusion Beam Upgrade from Cataris.

The Yellow E.M.M.I has the ability to charge at high speeds in a straight line, making it very difficult to run away from in long corridors.

You will definitely want to avoid being spotted by this E.M.M.I until you have the Omega Cannon back and are prepared to take it on.

Fortunately, the same evasion tactics you were able to use against the Green E.M.M.I will still work here and the Phantom Cloak can still hide you from it.

Additionally, many areas of Dairon have all cubby holes in the walls, just small enough for you to squeeze into while using your Morph Ball. While there, activate Phantom Cloak and the E.M.M.I won’t be able to see or touch you.

You should also be on the lookout for mines that leap up from the ground and explode when you approach them. These explosions will immediately alert the E.M.M.I to your location, and it will arrive very quickly!

Before you can access the Dairon Central Unit, you will need to acquire the Bomb Upgrade from north Dairon, and the Flash Shift Aeion Ability from Burenia. You can then return to Dairon and access the Central Unit here:

Defeat the Central Unit using Missiles and/or Charge Beam shots to retrieve the Omega Cannon and then return to the E.M.M.I Zone to face off against the Yellow E.M.M.I again.

The method for defeating this E.M.M.I remains the same as others. You will need to find a long corridor or wide open space to draw it to, and then fire at its faceplate with the Omega Stream until it overheats and breaks off.

Then, find another similarly long/wide open space and charge an Omega Shot to blast it in the “eye” and defeat it for good.

Defeating the Yellow E.M.M.I will unlock the Speed Booster ability. With it, you can charge through Speed Booster Blocks by pushing while running and building up speed. You also gain access to the Shinespark ability while Speed Booster is active.

Travel to Artaria and use the Speed Booster to retrieve the Grapple Beam. Use the Grapple Beam at the top side of Dairon to reach the elevator to Ferenia.

How to Beat the Blue E.M.M.I

You may first notice the Blue E.M.M.I when you visit Ghavoran for the first time. It is stuck in a prowling position in the background of one of the corridors.

You won’t have to deal with this E.M.M.I until you return to Ghavoran from Elun, after acquiring the Plasma Beam and defeating the first Black Chozo Soldier.

On your way back, you will see a cutscene of the E.M.M.I being reactivated. It will showcase its unique ability to freeze opponents in place and then shatter them.

You will want to be very aware of this ability as it will be able to prevent you from fleeing by freezing you. Avoid detection at all costs.

You won’t be able to reach the Central Unit and defeat the Blue E.M.M.I until you have obtained the Spin Boost and defeated the second Black Chozo Soldier.

The Central Unit is in Northwest Gavoran, and you will need to head over there as soon as you defeat the Chozo Soldier.

Inside, defeat the Central Unit as usual and drain its power to regain your Omega Cannon. You know what to do next!

Look for a long corridor where you have enough space to fight the Blue E.M.M.I, draw it to your location or wait for it to appear, and then pepper its faceplate with the Omega Stream (hold and hold to fire) until the faceplate overheats and falls off.

The best place to do this is at the top of the room next to the Central Unit. There’s a magnetic strip up there on the right side. If you bait the E.M.M.I to you and then jump on the magnetic strip, it will move left along the rail.

At the other end of the rail, you can aim back across the gap and should see the E.M.M.I crawling across the ceiling to you.

Get away from it after destroying its faceplate and then do the same thing again. Be wary, however, as the E.M.M.I moves faster once its faceplate is destroyed.

This time, charge your Omega Cannon’s Charge Shot by holding to aim and to charge. Point the Cannon at the E.M.M.I’s “eye” with and then fire with .

The Blue E.M.M.I will go down and your Omega Cannon will dissipate again. Only two more E.M.M.I to go!

You will get the Ice Missile Upgrade from this E.M.M.I and can use it to reach and obtain the Pulse Radar at the top-center of Ghavoran’s map.

How to Beat the Purple E.M.M.I

You will first encounter the Purple E.M.M.I in Ferenia when meeting the NPC named Quiet Beak.

This E.M.M.I will be disabled as part of the cutscene and you won’t see it or any other E.M.M.I for a long while after that.

The next time you see the Purple E.M.M.I will be after acquiring the Pulse Radar and returning to Ferenia.

You won’t beat it on this visit to Ferenia, and will simply need to avoid it as much as you can. Its patrol zone is huge, covering a vast portion of the center and northeast sections of Ferenia.

Most of these areas are underwater too, posing a problem because you will move much slower than the Purple E.M.M.I.

It can also sense you through walls if you are not using the Phantom Cloak and are inside its laser scanner. You should also be wary that it can sense your movements from anywhere within the same room as it, rather than within a circular range.

Additionally, it fires a purple spherical projectile which can stun you if it hits you.

It’s definitely one of the most formidable E.M.M.I you have faced so far and even just avoiding it will be one of the biggest challenges you’ve come up against.

Your best strategy is to look for small cubby holes that you can Morph Ball into, where you should activate Phantom Cloak to remain hidden from the E.M.M.I.

Patience is your best friend. You will need to patiently wait for the E.M.M.I to move as far away from you as possible, giving you plenty of distance to get away when you start moving uncloaked again.

You won’t be able to actually fight the Purple E.M.M.I until much later in the game when you return to Ferenia via a Shuttle in Hanubia.

You will have the Gravity Suit by then, which will allow you to move as normal underwater, making the Purple E.M.M.I much less of a threat.

You should hed straight to the Central Unit in the upper-right corner of the map.

Defeat it and absorb its energy to restore your Omega Cannon, then head out to defeat this E.M.M.I.

When you leave the Central Unit room, you will need to hit a switch on the opposite wall with a fully-charged Omega Cannon blast. Hold to aim, hold to charge, then press without releasing to fire.

The platform you’re on will begin slowly falling and you will need to make your way through a series of tunnels with various obstacles in your way.

While you’re doing that, the Purple E.M.M.I will be drawing closer and closer to you. Make your way through the tunnels to two yellow Pressure Pad Shutters a few floors up.

Flash Shift past both of them and then turn around to aim at the E.M.M.I as it follows you.

As soon as you can, start shooting your Omega Stream (hold ) at the E.M.M.I’s faceplate and keep doing so until the faceplate is destroyed.

Jump up and grab the magnetic strip above your head, which will take you back to the right.

Run across the Pressure Plate Shutters, causing the shutters to slam closed behind you.

Push the Wide Beam Box out of the way and drop through the pitfall blocks back to the bottom.

Repeat the whole process again to get behind the two Pressure Pad Shutters again but this time charge your Omega Cannon’s Charge Beam and fire it at the E.M.M.I’s “eye”, ending the fight for good.

You will receive the Wave Beam for defeating this E.M.M.I and should return to Hanubia to use it on a Wave Beam Door Cover and progress.

How to Beat the Red E.M.M.I

Immediately after obtaining the Wave Beam from the Purple E.M.M.I, take the nearby shuttle back up to Hanubia and it won’t be long before you meet the Red E.M.M.I.

You will be very pleased to hear that you don’t actually have to go through the same old Rigamarole with this final E.M.M.I. Samus will straight up just kill it for you during a very cool little cutscene.

However, you’ll immediately need to fight another Red Chozo Soldier, which is arguably worse!

After you defeat the Red Chozo Soldier, Samus will return to the Red E.M.M.I and absorb the Power Bomb Upgrade from it. Use them to head to the upper levels of Hanubia and face the powerful Golden Chozo Soldier.

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