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October 8th, 2021




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A big part of the gameplay in Metroid games is taking note of the many obstacles in your way and then learning how to overcome them so that you can backtrack to find secrets or a new path to your objective. Sometimes it can be challenging to understand what goes where, though, which is why we’ve put together this Obstacle Guide.

Within, we’ve provided details on all doors, blocks, and miscellaneous obstacles to help you figure out what to do next, what upgrades you might need, and which obstacles you can already overcome.

How to Open All Doors in Metroid Dread

Power Beam Door

Power Beam Doors are standard yellow doorways that you can open by simply firing an uncharged Power Beam shot at them with .

Central Unit Door

The doors will close and lock behind you whenever you enter a Central Unit room. You will not be able to leave the room until you have defeated the Central Unit and drained its power to acquire the Omega Cannon.

Once you have done this, the doorway will be used as a tutorial to show/remind you how to use the Omega Cannon, which you will need to defeat E.M.M.Is.

Missile Door Cover

The Missile Covers are domed locks placed over certain doorways in Metroid Dread. They have a red hexagonal pattern and can only be destroyed by shooting them with a Missile. Hold and press to fire a Missile.

You have a limited number of missiles, but you can restock by killing enemies and picking up the ammo they drop.

E.M.M.I Zone Door

An E.M.M.I Zone door is a black and white doorway with various moving tiles over it.

It indicates that you are stepping into an E.M.M.I zone and if the E.M.M.I inside spots you; the door will turn red and lock until you escape the E.M.M.I and it loses interest in you, at which point the doors will turn white again, allowing passage in and out of the E.M.M.I Zone.

E.M.M.I Units cannot leave their assigned zones and will not pass through these doorways.

Charge Beam Door

Charge Beam Doors are similar to Power Beam Doors, but their yellow lighting is slightly dimmer. To open them, you will need the Charge Beam upgrade from Artaria.

Thermal Door

Thermal Doors have huge metal shutters over them and cannot be opened with any ability.

To open one, you must find a nearby Magma Fuel switch.

Interact with it to redirect the Magma flow. If the Magma passes through the pipe feeding into the doorway, the shutters will open, allowing you to pass through the door.

Worm Door

Worm Doors guard the way to Boss Fights. They are large worm-like creatures that you must defeat to gain passage.

To quickly destroy a Worm Door, approach it closely and then wait for it to flash yellow, signifying an oncoming attack.

If you press quickly enough and counter the Worm’s attack, it will be stunned. Press immediately to fire a powerful shot, instantly destroying the Worm Door.

It will leave behind a lot of ammo and energy, helping you be better prepared for the boss fight beyond it.

Sensor Lock Door

Sensor Lock Doors will close as soon as you approach them. To get past, you will need to defeat Corpious and unlock the Phantom Cloak Aeion Ability.

Once you have it, you can press to activate the ability, allowing you to slowly walk through the doorway undetected.

Shutter Pressure Pads

These doorways will quickly slam shut and turn red when you step on the yellow pressure pad. They’re handy for impeding E.M.M.I Units that are chasing you in the early game.

Later on, they will become an obstruction to you, preventing you from passing them without the door slamming shut in your face.

Once you unlock it, the Flash Shift ( + ) ability will allow you to overcome this by quickly shifting across the platform without activating it.

Wide Beam Door Cover

These locks have three power receptacles stacked one atop the other, in perfect alignment with where a Wide Beam’s three shots will impact.

All you need to do to open a Wide Beam Door Cover is press to shoot it once you have the Wide Beam Upgrade.

Grapple Beam Door Cover

These large metal covers have a small triangular blue Grapple Point on them, which you can latch onto with the Grapple Beam, once you have retrieved it.

Push away from the grappled door, and Samus will then pull the door open, allowing you to pass through the doorway.

Super Missile Door Cover

Super Missile Door Covers are no different from Missile Door Covers except for the fact that you will need the Super Missile Upgrade to be able to destroy them.

Once you have the upgrade from lower Ghavoran, your standard Missiles will be replaced with Super Missiles, capable of removing these green variants of the Missile Door Covers.

Plasma Beam Door Cover

These green energy shields will prevent access to certain doors until you have acquired the Plasma Beam Upgrade in Elun.

Once you’ve acquired said upgrade, you can dissipate Plasma Beam Door Covers by simply pressing to shoot a standard un-charged Plasma Beam shot at it.

Wave Beam Door Cover

Wave Beam Door Covers look exactly like Plasma Beam Door Covers, except they are purple instead of green.

You can destroy them once you have the Wave Beam Upgrade. With it, you can shoot one of these covers with a basic projectile, and it will dissipate, allowing you to access the door behind.

How to Break All Blocks in Metroid Dread

Whenever you see a wall or pillar in a place you suspect might be hiding something, try shooting a blaster round at it to see if it breaks, as it could be a Beam Block or a Destructible Wall/Destructible Pillar.

If nothing happens and you still suspect there’s a secret passage, try firing a Missile ( + ). It could be a Missile Block, but even if not, Missiles will reveal the true nature of any hidden block, allowing you to determine (with the help of the below guide) which ability you need to be able to break through.

Beam Block

These standard blocks are broken with a normal power beam attack. No upgrades are required.

Missile Block

These tougher red blocks require a bit more firepower but can be destroyed with a Missile + . No upgrades are required.

Bomb Block

These purple blocks can only be broken with Morph Ball Bombs.

You will need to unlock the Morph Ball by defeating the Green E.M.M.I to get the Morph Ball and then collect the Bomb Upgrade from Dairon.

Pitfall Block

These brittle blocks will break just from you stepping on them and do not need to be shot in any way. They’re often placed in positions where they could be a nuisance.

Morph Ball Launcher

The Morph Ball Launcher is a special kind of block that you can only find inside narrow Morph Ball tunnels.

Roll into one to one, and you will be locked in place. Hit to drop a Bomb, and when it explodes, the launcher will fire you through the tunnel at high speed.

Speed Booster Block

These destructible blocks can only be destroyed by charging through them with the Speed Booster ability active.

You will need to push down while moving with to activate the ability and then build up speed by running along a flat surface until the ability becomes active.

At that point, you will be able to charge through Speed Booster Blocks.

Grapple Beam Block

These small blocks will have a blue triangular grapple point on them. You can shoot them with the Grapple Beam Upgrade (once you have it) by holding and then pressing .

Once you’re grappled, push away from the block to pull it apart, giving you access to whatever is beyond it.

Screw Attack Block

These blocks can only be destroyed by using the Screw Attack Ability.

Spin Boost through these blocks after you have unlocked Screw Attack to destroy them.

Power Bomb Block

Power Bomb Blocks can only be broken with the Power Bomb Morph Ball Ability.

Once you have the upgrade, plus some Power Bomb Ammo, you can set a Power Bomb near one of these blocks by holding in Morph Ball form to charge the bomb and then pressing to place it.

When the bomb explodes, it will destroy all Power Bomb blocks in the area.

Misc Destructible Obstacles in Metroid Dread

Organic Destructible

Some walls will have small purplish vein-like roots protruding from them.

Shooting these roots will reveal large fleshy blocks embedded in the wall.

Shoot these several times with the Power Beam to break away a large portion of the wall, revealing access to new areas or opening up shortcuts to areas you’ve visited before.

Destructible Walls & Pillars

Some walls can be destroyed by simply shooting them with the Power Beam . These are often found in suspicious-looking areas. If you get stuck somewhere, try shooting dead-ends to see if anything breaks away.

Destructible Pillars are exactly like Destructible Walls and can also be destroyed with the Power Beam . They are often more obvious than a destructible wall as you can clearly see what is hidden behind them.

Wide Beam Box

These large containers have three power receptacles, one atop the other, and cannot be moved without the Wide Beam Upgrade.

Once you have that upgrade, hit them with a fully-charged Wide Beam shot, and it will be pushed in the opposite direction. They are typically attached to a yellow rail and will only move along the rail.

Grapple Beam Box

Grapple Beam Boxes are similar to Wide Beam Boxes, except they will be pulled towards you instead of being pushed away.

To use them, you will need to first acquire the Grapple Beam Upgrade. Once acquired, shoot the grapple beam at the blue triangle on this large block with + and then pull it towards you with .

Enky (Fire Plant)

These Fire Plants can be destroyed with a single Ice Missile shot.

Storm Missile Box

Storm Missile Boxes are large boxes with five green lights down the side of them.

When you find one, you will need to look for five green switches on the walls in the area and then hit them all at the same time by locking onto them with the Storm Missiles and then pressing to barrage them.

If you successfully hit them all simultaneously, the green lights on the Storm Missile Box will turn red, and it will disappear.

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