Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Hidden Move (HM) Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Nintendo Switch

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November 19th, 2021


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Welcome to our Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl (BDSP) Hidden Move Guide. Within, we hope to show you where to find all 8 Hidden Moves, as well as how to use them.

In Pokémon BDSP, as is the case with most modern mainline Pokémon games, you no longer need to teach Hidden Move (HM) abilities to a Pokémon in order to use them. Instead, they are added to your Pokétch’s Hidden Moves App and can be used freely.

HM Rock Smash

Where to find HM Rock Smash

You will be able to get Rock Smash, along with the Pokétch’s Hidden Moves App from the Hiker at Oreburgh Gate (the small cave west of Oreburgh).

He’s hard to miss when you enter the cave for the first time.

How to Use HM Rock Smash

Before you can use Rock Smash, you will need to defeat Oreburgh’s Gym Leader, Roark.

To use it, simply walk up to breakable boulders and press on them. You’ll then be asked if you want to use Rock Smash to destroy the boulder.

HM Cut

Where to find HM Cut

Cut will be given to you by Cynthia in Eterna City on the path behind the Pokémon Center.

This event is unmissable as she will approach you as part of the story and you need Cut to be able to enter the building where the Bike Shop Owner is.

How to Use HM Cut

You will not be able to use Cut until you have defeated Eterna City’s Gym Leader, Gardenia.

Once you have done so, you can walk up to any thin-looking tree and press on it to be given the option to use Cut and chop it down.

HM Fly

Where to find HM Fly

You can find HM Fly in an item ball on the ground between two containers in the Team Galactic Warehouse at Veilstone City.

This building is blocked off by two Team Galactic Guards and to pass them you must first defeat Maylene, the Veilstone City Gym Leader.

Once you do, Lucas/Dawn will meet you outside and ask you to help them recover their Pokédex from Team Galactic.

Together with Lucas/Dawn you will defeat the two guards blocking the way and will then be able to enter the building and retrieve HM Fly inside.

How to Use HM Fly

To use HM Fly you can either tap it in the Pokétch’s Hidden Moves App and then select a location, or press on any location while viewing the Town Map.

You will need to get the Gym Badge from Veilstone City’s Gym Leader, but you should already have that as described above.

HM Defog

Where to find HM Defog

To get HM Defog you must first reach Pastoria City. There, you will find that there’s a Safari there, in a place called the Great Marsh, at the north end of the city.

If you enter the Safari and then immediately go right, you’ll find an Ace Trainer NPC by the sign who gives you HM Defog for free.

How to Use HM Defog

Before you can use Defog, you will need to defeat Crasher Wake, the Gym Leader in Pastoria City.

Once you have done so, you can only activate Defog from the Pokétch’s Hidden Moves App. Tap it on the app screen while standing in an area with thick fog to be able to see your surroundings.

HM Surf

Where to find HM Surf

As part of the story, you will visit Celestic Town and will need to get rid of a Team Galactic member outside the ruins who is threatening to bomb the town.

Once you’ve defeated him, Cynthia’s Grandmother will come to speak with you and will suggest that you head inside the ruins and take a look around.

The entrance to Celestic Town’s Ruins.

Go inside and press at the mural on the back wall. After some dialogue, Cynthia’s Grandmother will return and give you HM Surf.

How to Use HM Surf

Using HM Surf requires the badge from Hearthome City’s Gym Leader, Fantina. Defeat her to be able to activate Surf freely.

To activate Surf, face any body of water and press at the water’s edge. The game will then ask you if you would like to use Surf to cross the water’s surface.

HM Strength

Where to find HM Strength

HM Strength can actually be found very early in the game, relative to when you’re actually able to use it.

To find it, head inside the Lost Tower on Route 209 and climb all the way up to the top floor.

The Lost Tower on Route 209

There, you will find two Old Lady NPCs standing side-by-side. The NPC on the right will give you a Cleanse Tag if you speak to her, whereas the other will give you HM Strength.

How to Use HM Strength

You cannot activate HM Strength until you have the badge from Canalave City’s Gym Leader, Byron.

Once you do, you can press on large grey boulders and will then be given the option to activate Strength.

You may also activate it from the Pokétch’s Hidden Moves App. However you do it, once Strength is active, you can push these boulders freely by simply walking into them.

You will need to re-activate Strength every time you enter a new area.

Pro Tip: HM Strength is required to get a Gible via Wayward Cave’s hidden entrance.

HM Rock Climb

Where to find HM Rock Climb

Rock Climb is found in an item ball. Look for it on Route 217, behind the house to the west. You will likely find this on your way up to Lake Acuity as part of the story.

How to Use HM Rock Climb

Rock Climb cannot be activated without the badge from Snowpoint’s Gym Leader, Candice.

Once you have it, look for conspicuously jagged rocks, forming a line on various cliff-sides throughout Sinnoh.

When standing at the top or bottom of these jagged rock formations, you can press to be asked if you would like to use Rock Climb. With it, you can access many new areas by zipping up specific rocky walls.

HM Waterfall

Where to find HM Waterfall

In Sunyshore City, head to the beach east of Volkner’s Gym. There, you will find an NPC named Jasmine, a Johto Gym Leader. Her unique outfit should help her stand out to you.

Speak to her after beating Volkner and she’ll give you HM Waterfall.

How to Use HM Waterfall

You won’t be able to get HM Waterfall until you have defeated Volkner in his Sunyshore City gym, which is the very same badge required to use it in the field.

You will be able to activate Waterfall to climb waterfalls by pressing while facing one.

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