Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Poketch App Guide

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Nintendo Switch

Release Date

November 19th, 2021


Nintendo, The Pokémon Company



There are a total of 20 Pokétch apps available in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Some of these will be available to you at the start of the game, while others will need to be unlocked, either by talking to a specific NPC or simply progressing the story.

Below, we have put together a full list of all Pokétch apps and where you can find them.

All Pokétch App locations in Pokémon BDSP

Digital Watch

When you first acquire the Pokétch, the Digital Watch Application will be pre-loaded onto it. It simply tells you the time. If your console clock is set to the correct time it will do so accurately.

It can be helpful for those long nights of staying up and playing Pokémon in bed!


The Calculator App, like the Digital Watch App, is pre-loaded onto the Pokétch when you first acquire it. It doesn’t have many in-game applications, but can be useful if you find the need for a calculator at any point.


You will also notice that the Pedometer App is already installed on your Pokétch when you first receive it. With it, you can determine how many steps you have taken in any given amount of time.

Pressing the “C” button will clear the Pedometer so you can count your steps from 0.

Given that most eggs require a certain amount of steps to hatch, it can be very useful for determining when an egg will hatch, or figuring out how many steps it takes to hatch a particular egg.

Pokémon Party List

Here is another app that comes with the Pokétch. It will display your current party and their HP bars, giving you an easy way to evaluate your team’s overall status at-a-glance without having to open the Party menu.

You will also be able to see whether any Pokémon on your team are holding an item, but it cannot be used to determine what that item is.

Memo Pad

Before you can acquire the Memo Pad App, you must first earn your first Gym Badge.

Once you have at least one, head to the Pokétch Company building in Jubilife City and speak to the company president standing next to the reception counter on the ground floor.

With it, you can use the touchscreen to quickly jot down notes and reminders, or just doodle as you wish.

Hidden Moves

The Hidden Moves (HM) Pokétch App can be acquired from the Hiker near the entrance of Oreburgh Gate (the small cave east of Oreburgh).

Using this app, you can call on Wild Pokémon to use Hidden Moves which previously had to be taught to your party Pokémon.

You can simply open the app and tap the move you wish to use to overcome obstacles in the overworld.

Friendship Checker

The Friendship Checker App can be acquired from an NPC in the Eterna City Pokémon Center.

The app will display your party Pokémon, which you can then tap on to gauge how much that Pokémon likes you.

When tapped, hearts may appear. If there are no hearts, the Pokémon does not feel very close to you. If one heart appears, they feel a moderate level of friendship towards you. If two hearts appear, that Pokémon feels a very close bond with you.

This app is most useful for Pokémon who evolve at high friendship levels, like Riolu.

Dowsing Machine

You will receive the Dowsing Machine Pokétch app from Professor Rowan’s assistant, Dawn or Lucas (depending on the gender of your character) when you first enter the northern portion of Route 207.

You can use the Dowsing Machine app to locate nearby hidden items. When you tap the app, a sonar-like pulse will be sent out. If any hidden items are detected within that pulse, a dot will appear on the app, relative to your position at the center.

Egg Monitor

To get the Egg Monitor Pokétch App, go to the Nursery in Solaceon Town and leave a Pokémon with the old lady at the desk.

Once you have done so, speak to the man sitting at the table in the Nursery and he will give you the Egg Monitor App. You may need to leave the building and then go back inside to get him to appear.

The app will let you view whether a Pokémon you have left in the Nursery has laid an egg or not.

This saves you the effort of having to return to Solaceon Town and speak to the Old Man outside the Nursery to find out if there is an egg.

Pokémon History

Also available in Solaceon Town, you can retrieve the Pokémon History App by speaking to the Ruin Maniac NPC west of the Pokémon Center.

This app will let you know the 12 most recently obtained Pokémon. This includes those you have caught in the wild, evolved, traded, or hatched from an egg.

If you tap a Pokémon on this screen, an audio clip of its cry will play.


To acquire the Counter Pokétch App, go to Veilstone City and enter the Department Store.

On the second floor, speak to the lower-most NPC at the counter on the west side of the room and she will give you the app.

It doesn’t do anything exciting, and simply lets you count up in increments of 1. Each time you tap the “+” button (on-screen, not the console’s physical button) 1 will be added to the displayed number.

You can count up as high as 9,999, and the number will be reset if you switch to another app.

Analog Watch

The Analog Watch App is no different from the Digital Watch App except for how the time is displayed in a traditional analog clock format.

To acquire it, you will need to go to Celestic Town and enter the building in the southwest.

Inside, you will find a Blackbelt NPC. Speak to him and he’ll give you the App.

Marking Map

The Marking Map App, much like the Memo Pad is acquired from the Pokétch Company President in Jubilife City. Before he will give you this app, though, you will need to have at least three Gym Badges.

The Marking Map App displays a map of the Sinnoh Region, but allows you to drag-and-drop custom markers onto the map to pin locations you want to find again later.

The most useful feature of this app, however, is the way that it tracks the location of roaming Legendaries, like Cresselia.

Coin Toss

To acquire the Coin Toss App, go to the north end of Route 213 and use Hidden Move (HM) Rock Climb to reach a lone house on the east side.

Inside, speak to the Rich Boy NPC at the back of the room and you’ll receive the Coin Toss App from him.

The Coin Toss App lets you flip a coin in-game with a 50/50 chance of getting either heads or tails. This can be used when playing with friends to make fair decisions about what to do.

Perhaps you might use it to decide whether to add a Pokémon to your party or not whenever faced with a tough decision between two Pokémon.


In Sunnyshore Town, near to Pokémon Rock, there’s a small house that you can reach by using Rock Climb.

Inside it, you will find a Scientist NPC who turns out to be a certified Pokétch App developer.

Speak to him and he will ask you to show him a Pokémon with a specific Nature.

Check the Natures of all Pokémon in your PC Box and add the one he wants to see to your party.

When you speak to him again, he will give you the Calendar Pokétch app, which lets you view the current date (based on your Switch Calendar) and you can mark dates by tapping them if you wish.

This can help you remember to check weekly events like the Drifloon appearance at Valley Windworks.

Dot Artist

The Dot Artist App is also acquired from the Pokétch App Developer in Sunnyshore City, the same NPC who gives you the Calendar App. He will want to see a Pokémon of a different nature in exchange, however.

The Dot Artist App is not unlike the Memo Pad in that it also allows you to draw freely via the touch-screen. However, the Dot Artist App uses Pixels, allowing you to create Pixel Art illustrations.


The Spinner is the third and final App that you will receive from the Pokétch Developer in Sunnyshore City. The same NPC from whom you can acquire the Calendar and Dot Artist Apps. You will again need to show him a Pokémon of a certain nature.

Using this app, you can draw directly onto the wheel to divide into sections and then press the Play button to make the arrow on the wheel spin.

Pressing the Stop Button will make it slow to a halt, and the “C” button will erase the dividers you have drawn.

This can be used in lieu of the Coin Toss App to make decisions with more than two options.

Chain Counter

You will automatically receive the Chain Counter app from Professor Oak when you first enter Ramanas Park. To enter Ramanas Park, you will need to visit Professor Rowan after beating the Pokémon League, and completing the Sinnoh Pokédex.

You don’t need to catch every Pokémon in the Sinnoh dex, but you do need to see them. Once done, your dex will no longer have any “?????” entries.

It will keep track of the most frequent back-to-back encounters you have had while using the Pokéradar.

Kitchen Timer

You can acquire the Kitchen Timer App from the young girl in the Ramanas Park building by showing her a Snorlax.

It will let you set a timer of any length of time which will then tick down in real-time, resulting in an alarm when time is up.

This can best be used to keep track of Honey Trees you have slathered with Honey. Honey-slathered trees will have Pokémon in them after 6 hours.

Unfortunately, however, the app will reset if you close the game or turn off your console meaning that a real-life timer would be much more useful.

Color Changer

The Color Changer App lets you change the color of the Pokétch’s screen. Your options are green (default), grey, red, orange, yellow, blue, or purple.

To acquire it, you will need to show a Kecleon to the same Ramanas Park NPC from whom you can acquire the Kitchen Timer App.

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