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Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Story Walkthrough. If you’re just starting your adventure, make sure you jump back to our Getting Started Guide, which will walk you through the main story beats of the game’s introductory missions.

This section of the guide picks up after the completion of the mission “Arezu’s Predicament”.

Frenzied Noble Hisuian Arcanine

A New Mission

The day after quelling Lilligant, you will be approached by Arezu again outside of your quarters. She’ll let you know that she’s going to start working at the hairdressers, where you’ll now be able to try many new hairstyles!

Immediately afterwards, Kamado approaches and tells you he has important business at Prelude Beach and needs you to join him there.

Prelude Beach

You’ll automatically be taken there, where you’ll meet a few newcomers to Jubilife Village.

After the cutscene, Kamado will ask you to meet him in his office on the third floor of Galaxy Team HQ to get the details for your next mission.

Feel free to explore Jubilife, get a new haircut, and resupply. You’ll probably want to visit Bagin in Galaxy Team HQ too, with all the new resources we’re discovering it’s hard to carry them all without Upgrading Satchel Storage.

The Lordless Island

Head up to the third floor of Galaxy Team HQ to receive your new mission from Kamado, who asks you to investigate reports of shadowy figures in the cobalt Coastlands, starting the Lordless Island Mission.

Irida will head off to meet you there.

Cyllene will check that your Star Rank is sufficient. If you are a Third Star Member, she will give you permission to set off to the Cobalt Coastlands. Otherwise, you will need to earn some more Research Points and get your promotion before heading out.

On your way out of the Village, Lian will call out to you. He’ll explain the importance of certain stones and give you a few items.

He will also explain that you can get some evolutions stones from the Ginkgo Tribe sometimes. You can find them by the caravan next to Galaxy Team HQ.

Continue through the gate and head to the Beachside Camp at the Cobalt Coastlands.

Cobalt Coastlands

Once there, head down the path ahead and speak to Irida at the waypoint. She will immediately insist on battling you again. This will be your first trainer battle against two Pokemon at once.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Glaceon30Fighting, Rock, Steel, FireIce

After the battle, Irida will heal your team and proceed to explain the Warden situation here in the Cobalt Coastlands before asking you to help Palina raise the Pokemon she is warden of.

You will need to go and meet Palina high up on Veilstone Cape.

Before all that, though, you’re in a new area! Have some fun for a bit, go and explore, catch some new Pokemon and engage others in battle!

Remember, you’ll want to keep levelling up your team and earning Research Points so you don’t fall behind at any point and begin to struggle.

Meeting Palina on Veilstone Cape

Whenever you’re ready, make your way to Palina and speak to her about her Pokemon. Look out for the Alpha Purugly on the way there!

When you get there, Palina will introduce you to her two Hisuian Growlithe and reveal the sad fate the area’s previous lord had befallen.

She reveals that the smaller of her Growlithe is the heir to the previous Lord, but she doesn’t want to rush him into Lordship.

Unable to do anything to help her in that regard, let her know you wish to survey Firespit Island and investigate the rumors of shadowy figures there.

She’ll inform you that you can’t cross the sea without a Basculegion Mount with which to surf.

She suggests that you speak to Iscan, a member of the Diamond Clan, who should be able to help you.

Meeting Iscan on Aipom Hill

Iscan is on the opposite side of the Cobalt Coastlands, in an area called Aipom Hill. Time to head off!

Again, feel free to explore a bit more, rest up at the camp, etc. Once you’re satisfied, make way for the waypoint

On the way, you will run into Volo. He explains a bit more about the Plates you’ve been finding, and tells you a legend about an old Hero.

She doesn’t want to fight you this time, though, and will leave you to interact with Iscan’s tent.

He will come out to speak with you and you’ll explain that you need access to Basculegion.

He will explain that you’re going to need to bring Basculegion’s favorite snack in order to gain his favor. He then goes on to say, with a grim tone, that the only way of crafting the meal is to capture a specific Pokemon that can only be found at night; Dusclops.

Dusclops can be found in a place named “Deadwood Haunt,” the hand-shaped ship graveyard in the southeast corner of the map.

Iscan will offer to let you stay at his tent until night. Do so and then make your way east to Deadwood Haunt.

Catching a Dusclops at Deadwood Haunt

During the day, Deadwood Haunt is filled with Flying pokemon like Chatot and Staravia. At night, however, the Ghost Pokemon come out to play among the Shipwrecks.

Look for a grey pokemon with a single red eye, called Dusclops. It tends to spawn near the two shipwrecks.

You will need to capture it either by hitting it with a Pokeball and getting very lucky, or engaging it in combat and reducing its health.

Once you have caught one, return to Iscan and he’ll ask you if you were successful, opening your Pokemon Pasture menu.

Select Dusclops from the Pasture and a cutscene will begin in which you and Iscan will prepare a “Ball of Basculegion Food.”

Meeting Basculegion

Once done, head to the waypoint at Ginkgo Landing and speak to Iscan there. He will summon Basculegion using his Celestica Flute.

Your character will throw the food to Basculegion and then play the Celestica Flute for him. He will now let you ride him across the ocean waves and we can finally go to Firespit Island.

He’ll also give you the Splash Plate.

Uh-oh! Before we can go anywhere, a familiar theme begins playing. The Miss Fortune Sisters are here and they want Palina’s Growlithe!

After swiping the Growlithe, they disappear to someplace “miserably hot.” So, we can safely assume they’ve set up camp on the very island we’re headed to next!

Reaching Firespit Island

Now that you can ride Basculegion, it’s time to set out to sea!

Obviously, your objective here is Firespit island, but you should take this opportunity to explore, too.

Unlike the other mounts, you can throw items from Basculegion’s back, which means you can engage in Pokemon Battles and catch Pokemon while you’re out at sea.

Also, if you press to jump, and then hold to aim, time will slow down, allowing you to be more accurate with your throws.`

Explore a little, check out some of the smaller islands, and catch some new Pokemon. Every little helps!

Once you’re satisfied, head to the waypoint on Firespit Island. When you arrive at the waypoint on Firespit Island, Iscan will join you.

He’ll send you off to find the Miss Fortune Sisters, but don’t be afraid to explore a bit while you’re here. There’s a few pokemon to catch for your Pokedex, and it would be wise to level up a Water-type Pokemon for what’s to come.

Stopping the Miss Fortune Sisters Again

As you approach the Molten Arena at the center of the island, you’ll notice that the Miss Fortune Sisters and their Gengar are up to something and have Growlithe backed up against the magma pool

As you get closer, you’ll find out that they’re trying to force the Growlithe to evolve. When they notice your presence, Clover will start a battle with you.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Abomasnow35Fighting, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, FireGround, Water, Grass, Electric

You can easily take out Abomasnow with a good Fire-type attack. My Typhlosion managed to one-hit-KO it with a Flamethrower attack.

Unsatisfied with her sister’s poor performance, Coin will attack you next.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Toxicroak34Flying, Ground, PsychicFighting, Poison, Rock, Bug, Grass, Dark

Take down Coin’s Toxicroak and then, you guessed it, Charm and her Gengar will attack you next.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Rhydon34Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, Grass, IceNormal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Fire
Gengar35Ground, Ghost, Psychic, DarkPoison, Bug, Grass, Fairy

Defeat her two-Pokemon team to thwart the Sisters’ plans. Charm heals up their Pokemon but before they can fight you again, Palina’s smaller Growlithe comes charging onto the scene and evolves!

The moment is a bit ruined, however, when a dark cloud appears overhead, striking the newly-evolved Hisuian Arcanine with a lightning bolt, creating your next Pokemon Boss; Frenzied Noble Hisuian Arcanine!

You don’t have any Balms to calm it with yet, so everyone flees the scene before they can become Arcanine chow.

Irida arrives on the scene and the group forms a plan for calming Arcanine. Iscan already has everything you need, so they prepare the balms right away.

You can speak to Iscan when you’re ready to face the boss, but if you open your map you will notice a new Fast Travel point is available right here on Firespit Island.

Now would be a good time to go and check if you can get your Fourth Star Promotion so that you can control Level 50 Pokemon.

When you become a Fourth Star Member of Galaxy Team, Cyllene will give you crafting recipes for Leaden Balls and Hyper Potions.

You can also take the time to rest, restock, level up your Pokemon, or rearrange your team as needed ahead of this next fight.

Return to the island once you’re prepared and get ready to face the third Pokemon Boss.

How to Defeat Frenzied Noble Hisuian Arcanine

As with any Frenzied Noble Boss Fight, you need to throw Balms at Arcanine while avoiding its attacks with . Remember that you are invincible for a short moment while dodging so dodging through attacks is a viable strategy.

Arcanine has three attacks to look out for;

One of these attacks is a charging attack. It will take on a low stance for a moment and then charge across the arena at you. Dodge either left or right to avoid this attack.

Its other attack is a leaping attack, it will jump to the center of the arena and let out a huge shockwave when it lands, avoid this by dodging to one of the arena’s outer sections as soon as you can.

For its third attack, it stands still for a while, absorbing light. If it is allowed to release this charged energy, it will fire a devastating pillar of fire directly in front of itself.

Five magma orbs appear over its head while it is charging, which disappear one-by-one each time you hit it with a balm.

Hit it five times before it can unleash its attack and it will become stunned, allowing you to throw a Pokemon at it and initiate a battle.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Hisuian Arcanine36Fighting, Ground, Rock, WaterNormal, Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice, Fairy

Defeat it in battle and it will stay stunned for a while, allowing you to pelt it with balms. Each balm you hit it with will be twice as effective while it remains stunned.

Once its Frenzy Gauge reaches 50%, it will be enshrouded in flames. Every attack from this point on will deal more damage and have a wider area of effect.

Its ground-slam attack will leave a swirling pool of fire at the center of the arena, preventing you from leaving the segment you dodge onto.

Be extra vigilant about dodging its oncoming charge attacks and look for small portions of the platform where you can avoid taking damage.

Once the Frenzy Gauge is completely depleted, a cutscene will play, in which Arcanine returns to normal and Palina & Iscan will watch in awe.

Arcanine will give you the Flame Plate as thanks for helping it.

Iscan and Palina will leave you to debrief with Irida.

When all is said and done, return to Kamado and inform him of your success back at Galaxy Team HQ.

As is tradition, you’ll meet with your friends for some Potato Mochi at the Wallflower before turning in for the night.

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