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Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Story Walkthrough. If you’re just starting your adventure, make sure you jump back to our Getting Started Guide, which will walk you through the main story beats of the game’s introductory missions.

This section of the guide picks up after the completion of the mission “The Lordless Island”.

Frenzied Noble Hisuian Electrode

Scaling Perilous Heights

The morning after completing “The Lordless Island”, you’ll be approached by a stranger outside your quarters. This seems to happen quite a concerning amount, but he seems to mean no harm, despite his ragged appearance.

The strange man lets you know that Kamado is hoping to speak to you. This time, you’ll have little choice in the matter and will be immediately taken to Kamado’s office.

Kamado’s New Orders

He really cuts to the chase this time. You’re going to the Coronet Highlands to deal with a new frenzied noble; Hisuian Electrode.

Adaman shares some helpful information about Electrode before we’re interrupted by a new character named Melli, Electrode’s Warden.

The “Scaling Perilous Heights” Mission will begin, and the Commander will send you on your way.

Battling Adaman

Unfortunately, Melli still does not trust you, and so in an effort to prove your worth, Adaman challenges you to a battle outside Galaxy Team HQ.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Leafeon36Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, IceGround, Water, Grass, Electric

Defeat him in battle and Melli’s opinion won’t seem to change much, but you’ll at least get their help in Coronet Highlands.

You’ll need permission from Cyllene to go to the Coronet Highlands, so if you’re not already a Fourth Star Member of Galaxy Team, then now is the time to go out and get the research points you need for promotion.

Even if your rank is enough, though, Cyllene suggests that you need help from somebody at the Training Grounds on the west side of Jubilife.

Meeting with Ingo

Head over there to find Irida and the strange man from this morning; Ingo.

He’s going to help you gain the favor of Sneasler, who will aid you in your mission to quell Electrode. Sneasler is a new evolution of Hisuian Sneasel.

Once you’re done, leave Jubilife through the Village Gate and travel to Coronet Highlands.

When you get there, your main objective is to go and meet with Ingo, so that you can scale the mountain together.

As usual, though, my advice is to first explore the new area! Take a look around, see what new resources and Pokemon you can find. Spend some time earning research points and levelling up your team before you proceed with the main story.

Wayward Cave

When you’re ready, go and meet Ingo by the cave entrance next to the waterfall.

You will soon be interrupted by Melli, whose opinion of you hasn’t changed in the slightest.

They will offer to battle you, but sadly we cannot accept. It’s a shame, as I was looking forward to showing this bozo a thing or two!

After saying some rather concerningly selfish things, Melli will slink off into the cave and leave you alone with Ingo once more.

Ingo will tell you that in order to gain Sneasler’s favor, you’re going to need to navigate Wayward Cave.

Enter the cave and Ingo will remark that there seems to be some foul play afoot. It seems Melli has extinguished the torches that once lit the way through the cave.

You’ll instead need to rely on Ingo to find your way through the cave, but he seems fairly confident of his abilities.

Stay close to him as he walks slowly onward. He’ll eventually stop and suggest a detour in order to avoid a rather mean-looking Alpha Crobat.

At a certain point, he will stop again, this time to put the torches back in place. He will then leave.

Now that the torches are there to guide you out of the cave, you can freely explore! Catch some new Pokemon and pick up a few resources before you get back on track and follow the torches to the cave’s exit.

Note that you can find Gible in this cave. Gible is a small shark-like Pokemon that evolves into the powerful pseudo-legendary Dragon- and Ground-type Pokemon, Garchomp. Definitely one work looking for!

When you’re satisfied, leave the cave via the exit at the waypoint.

The Ancient Quarry

Outside the cave, you’ll catch up with Ingo who will tell you about his peculiar past before he rushes on ahead. Head to the waypoint at the base of the mountain to meet back up with him.

Again, feel free to explore here.

When you arrive at the waypoint, you’ll find the incorrigible Melli is waiting to impede you once again.

This time, you’re going to get a chance to kick his butt. Accept his challenge.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Skuntank40GroundPoison, Ghost, Grass, Dark

Defeat him and then enter the Ancient Quarry ahead., where Ingo will stop and chew the fat with you for a while, explaining the Quarry’s history.

While there, Volo will arrive to inquire about Ingo’s memory loss, and then he will leave.

Continue out through the other side of the Quarry and proceed to the waypoint to catch up with Ingo. Again, you should take the time to explore a bit rather than rushing ahead. Catch and battle some of the Pokemon in the area, and look out for the Alpha Luxray in your way.

Battling Ingo

Once you’re satisfied with your findings, go and meet up with Ingo. He’ll remember something that should sound familiar to any Pokemon fan too, before challenging you to a battle in the hopes that it will jog his memory.

Accept and give his memory a good and proper jogging by kicking his butt.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Machoke41Flying, Psychic, FairyRock, Bug, Dark
Gliscor42Water, IceFighting, Poison, Bug
Tangela41Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire, IceGround, Water, Grass, Electric

Defeat his team and he will summon Sneasler using his Celestica Flute.

Befriending Sneasler

After introductions, you’ll play your own Celestica Flute, registering Sneasler as a new Ride Pokemon. You can use Sneasler to climb sheer cliff walls and reach high-up areas you never could before.

This new ability really opens up the possibilities in terms of exploration, just be sure to use it often and see what you can discover hidden up high.

Sneasler will also give you the Toxic Plate.

Ingo will say his farewells and leave you in Sneasler’s capable hands… Or, er, basket. Using her Rock Climb ability, you can now proceed further up the mountain towards the Frenzied Electrode.

This is another great opportunity to explore and capture some new Pokemon thanks to your new ability to climb cliffs. I would advise doing that before heading to your waypoint and facing Electrode.

Battling Melli Again

When you arrive at the waypoint at Moonview Arena, Melli will insist on continuing to be inhospitable. He will refuse to help you quell Electrode, and wants another battle.

I don’t know about you, but I’d gladly kick this weasel’s butt again. Accept his challenge!

He makes you fight all three of his Pokemon at once.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Skuntank44GroundPoison, Ghost, Grass, Dark
Zubat22Rock, Electric, Psychic, IceFighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy
Skorupi22Flying, Rock, Fire, PsychicFighting, Poison, Bug, Grass, Fairy

Even after you defeat Melli, he continues to try and make things difficult for you by insisting he doesn’t know what foods Electrode likes, so you can’t make any balms!

Fortunately, Adaman comes to the rescue and gives you everything you need to get to work.

You’re welcome to go ahead and quell Electrode now, but this is a good opportunity to return to camp and hand in all your research thus far. If you’ve been exploring plenty then you should have enough points to get your Fifth Star Member promotion.

As a Fifth Star Member of Galaxy Team, you’ll be able to command Pokemon of up to Level 60, and will receive the recipe for Wing Balls; a more effective type of Feather Ball.

You can fast-travel back to Moonview Arena any time now, so go ahead and resupply, rearrange your team, get a promotion, and rest up.

When you’re good and ready, fast travel back and approach Melli to begin your encounter with the fourth Pokemon Boss.

How to Defeat Frenzied Noble Hisuian Electrode

As with all Frenzied Noble Boss Fights, you will need to throw balms at Electrode while avoiding its attacks by dodging .

The Electrode fight is definitely the hardest one yet. The whole thing is a cacophony of explosions and chaos.

He has three main attacks.

The first is an orb of electricity that, when launched at you, homes in on you for a very long time. You essentially need to keep moving until the attack dissipates.

His second attack is a barrage of Voltorb. He will begin vibrating which causes Voltorbs to rain down from the sky onto you. They will land on the ground for a short moment before exploding in a wide radius.

You will need to avoid getting hit by these Voltorb explosions while also running around the arena, avoiding getting hit by the homing electricity balls.

Those two attacks make it very difficult to hit Electrode with balms, but you will need to remain patient and don’t try to rush the fight. Throw a balm whenever you can, but your priority should be to avoid its attacks.

Its third attack will only occur occasionally. It will begin levitating and start homing in on you, with a large glowing radius showing the range of its attack.

Stay out of this radius by running and dodging away from Electrode as it follows you around the arena.

After a while, Electrode will explode in a massive circle of light, dealing a lot of damage to you if it hits you.

If you evade the attack for long enough, Electrode will grow tired and will drop to the ground, stunned.

This is your opportunity to engage it in battle! Throw a Pokemon at it to initiate the battle.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Hisuian Electrode46Poison, Bug, Fire, IceSteel, Water, Grass, Electric

If you win the battle, Electrode will remain stunned for a while. This is the best opportunity you will get to hit it with balms. It won’t be able to attack you in this state, and the balms will be twice as effective at reducing its Frenzy Gauge.

When its Frenzy Gauge reaches 50%, it will grow stronger. Its homing electricity balls will turn blue and begin following you much faster.

At this point, avoid even trying to hit Electrode and just focus 100% on avoiding its attacks.

Wait for it to try and hit you with its explosion attack and then start a battle with it while it is stunned.

Repeat this until the gauge hits 0% and a cutscene will trigger, within which Electrode returns to normal.

After the cutscene, you will receive the Zap Plate from Electrode and a complete lack of gratitude from Melli.

Ingo will arrive and share with the group some memories he has recovered and Melli will make a flaccid attempt at becoming a better person.

Ingo will say his farewells and return to make his report to Kamado. Exactly what you should do next, too.

When you do, he doesn’t really say thanks at all, but he does ask Beni to prepare his very best Potato Mochi at the Wallflower for your traditional debrief with the Professor and Akari/Rei.

A quick wrap-up with your friends and then its back to your quarters for you. Just one last Pokemon Boss lies ahead, but that’s a problem for the morning.

Thank you for choosing Super SwitchUp as your source for this Pokemon Legends Arceus Walkthrough.

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