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Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Story Walkthrough. If you’re just starting your adventure, make sure you jump back to our Getting Started Guide, which will walk you through the main story beats of the game’s introductory missions.

This section of the guide picks up after the completion of the mission “The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods”.

Frenzied Noble Hisuian Lilligant

Arezu’s Predicament

Meeting Arezu

When you wake up in the morning after quelling Kleavor’s frenzy, and learning about Wisps from Vessa, you’ll be approached by a character named Arezu, a Warden from the Diamond Clan.

She’s in a bit of a hurry, though, and rushes off to see Captain Kamado.

Explore the village a little bit, organise your team, look for requests, and stock up on resources. Once you’re happy, head into Galaxy Team HQ to see what the deal is with this Arezu character.

Head to Kamado’s office on the third floor to find out what has Arezu in such a hurry. One of Pearl Clan’s Pokemon–”Ursaluna”–has become frenzied and needs to be calmed.

Without a second thought, Kamado will assign you the task of helping to calm Ursaluna, found in a new area called “Crimson Mirelands.” This is the second area you get access to in the game, and you can travel straight there from the Jubilife Village Gate.

You need to be a Second Star Member to go there, though, so make sure you reach Rank 2 within Galaxy Team if you haven’t yet.

Battle with Rei/Akari Again

Approach the Village Gate and Akari/Rei will stop you and ask if you fancy training with them. Defeat them in battle for a bit of extra exp, and just as a good bit of fun!

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Mime Jr19Poison, Ghost, SteelFighting, Psychic
Pikachu22GroundFlying, Steel, Electric

When you defeat Akari/Rei, they will give you a recipe for Stealth Sprays. Using a Stealth Spray in the field will make it harder for Pokemon to hear your footsteps.

Continue through the gate and travel to the Mireland Camp in the Crimson Mirelands on the east coast of Hisui.

Solaceon Ruins

From there, your next objective is at Solaceon Ruins, where you need to meet an NPC named Calaba and speak to them.

I would advise exploring a bit first, though. You’re in a new area with lots of new Pokemon to discover. Capture and battle them while collecting resources to make sure you have all the EXP, Research Points, and crafting materials you could possibly need!

When you’re satisfied, head to the waypoint in Solaceon Ruins and start speaking to Calaba. She’s fairly rude and doesn’t believe you’re as great as everyone’s been saying you are.

She will dismiss you and tell you to leave. Just as you start to feel down about it, Volo walks in and challenges you to a battle.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Togepi22Poison, SteelFighting, Bug, Dark
Gible22Ice, Dragon, FairyPoison, Rock, Fire

Defeat him and he’ll heal up your team before asking you to help in the retrieval of a stolen Wall Fragment. Doing so will be a huge help for Calaba, too, who will surely be more willing to help you if you help out.

Finding the Miss Fortune Trio

Head to the waypoint marker, which indicates the location of the thieves’ campfire.

It doesn’t take long for the thieves to arrive. Charm, Clover, and Coin, also known as “The Miss Fortune Sisters” will introduce themselves in dramatic fashion.

Fortunately, only Coin will attack you, but don’t underestimate her powerful Toxicroak.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Toxicroak23Flying, Ground, PsychicFighting, Poison, Rock, Bug, Grass, Dark

Defeat Coin and the trio will surrender the stolen Wall Fragment over to you before retreating.

Returning the Wall Fragment

Return to Solaceon Ruins to return the Fragment to its rightful place. Volo will thank you as soon as you arrive.

When you’re done speaking to Volo, head over to Calaba and give her the good news.

With the fragment back where it belongs, and Calaba showing you a little more trust, its time to calm Ursaluna!

Calaba will head out to a place called “Sludge Mound” and wait for you there.

Do whatever you need to do in preparation (i.e. visit the camp to rest up) and then follow the waypoint to the Sludge Mound. Watch out for the Level 45 Alpha Tangrowth on the way.

Calming Ursaluna

When you arrive, Calaba will play her Celestica Flute, summoning Ursaluna.

You will need to defeat Ursaluna in battle to calm it down. This is not going to be a Frenzied Boss Fight, as the game might have led you to suspect. Instead, it’s just a simple Pokemon battle.

That being said, Ursaluna is very tough and shouldn’t be underestimated.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Ursaluna26Fighting, Water, Grass, IcePoison, Rock

It’s no use trying to capture Ursaluna, as Calaba has forbidden it. Just focus on reducing its health to zero.

After the fight, Calaba will hit Ursaluna with a powerful antidote called “Toxi-gone,” curing it of its ailment.

Riding Ursaluna

As a reward for your efforts in helping Ursaluna, you will be able to summon Ursaluna using your Celestica Flute and mount it. Ursaluna doesn’t move as quickly as Wyrdeer, but it has the added ability of being able to dig into the ground to find hidden resources.

When you’re riding on Ursaluna, there will be a green radar-like arc in front of his nose. When you get closer to hidden treasures this will turn from green to yellow, to orange, and then finally red. If you manage to find the specific location of the treasure, an exclamation point will appear. You can then press to instruct him to dig, revealing whatever resources lie under the ground.

One example of a rare treasure I was able to find was Black Augurite, which allowed me to evolve my Scyther into Kleavor.

You can switch between Ursaluna and Wyrdeer with and .

You will also receive the Earth Plate from Ursaluna.

Return to Jubilife

As Calaba suggests, your next course of action should be to return to Jubilife and let Kamado know that the job is done.

Fast Travel back to camp and report your findings to Laventon. During your conversation, you will both discover Unown, and Laventon will add a new section to your Pokedex dedicated to the different forms of Unown.

You can use our Pokemon Legends Arceus Unown Guide to find all 28 Unown and complete your new Unown Research Notes section if you wish, just be aware that you won’t be able to get them all now. You’ll need to progress a lot more first.

Return to Jubilife via Laventone and Akari/Rei will meet you at the village gate. They’ll tell you to get back to commander Kamado asap. Still, feel free to explore and resupply as much as you like first.

When you’re ready, head to the third floor in Galaxy Team HQ and speak with Kamado, Beni, and Adaman. There, Adaman will inform you that the Diamond Clan’s Lilligant is now in a frenzy, similar to the one afflicting Kleavor earlier in the game.

The Search for Arezu

Your objective now is to return to the Crimson Mirelands, and use Ursaluna’s tracking ability to locate Arezu.

You will want to look for the blue radar signals, which will appear when you’re facing Arezu’s location and grow stronger as you get close to her.

Or ignore all that and head straight to this location on the map:

There’s a big cracked boulder there, which blocks the way into the Scarlet Bog region of the Crimson Mirelands. But you can actually get around this if you just use Ursaluna to walk up the slope to the right of the boulder.

Then you just need to drop down at the other side of the boulder and you’ll see Arezu sitting on the grass with a sprained ankle.

Approach her to begin a conversation during which Calaba and Adaman will arrive. We learn why Ursaluna was so enraged and that Arezu was trying to make Balms to help calm Lilligant.

Adaman will take the balms and meet you at Brava Arena. Your next objective is to follow the waypoint to Brava Arena where you can face off against the second Pokemon Boss.

To Brava Arena

Take some time to explore the Scarlet Bog since you’re here, though. Capture new Pokemon and engage in a few battles to level up your team and earn Research Points.

Brava Arena is in the far north and there are some other areas you can explore on the way, such as Bolderoll Slope, Diamond Settlement, Diamond Heath, and Cloudpool Ridge.

This would be a good time to accept and/or complete a few Requests too.

It’s likely you’ll get (or already have) enough research points to gain a Star Rank, and it may be worth it for you to head back to Jubilife and speak to Cyllene to get promoted to a Third Star Member so that Pokemon up to Level 40 will listen to your commands and you can train your team a bit further.

She will also give you a recipe for crafting Great Balls which will help with capturing some of the tougher Pokemon in these more eastern regions of Crimson Mirelands.

Once you’re satisfied, head to Brava Arena. After just a short conversation with Adaman, Arezu, and Calaba, you’ll be thrust into battle with Frenzied Noble Hisuian Lilligant.

How to Defeat Frenzied Noble Hisuian Lilligant

The game will teach you at the start of this fight that you essentially have i-frames when dodging. For a short moment during a dodge, you’ll invulnerable, even if the attack hits you dead-on. So, if you find yourself in a position where you won’t be able to avoid an incoming attack, you should try to time your dodges so that the attack hits you while you’re invulnerable.

Just as with Kleavor, you need to throw Balms at Lilligant until its Frenzy Gauge is empty, all while avoiding its attacks.

Lilligant has two attacks that are pretty similar.

The first is to leap into the air and stomp down onto the ground. It will typically do this twice in a row, but while it is frustrated it will do this four times in a row.

You will need to dodge so that you’re not caught in the stomp’s radius when it comes down. If you are, then try to time the dodge so that the attack doesn’t hurt you anyway.

Its second attack usually follows up its first. It will stand in a pose for a while after stomping and begin charging with green light, then it will release a large green shockwave attack.

Your only hope of avoiding this is to dodge through it. So, from standing outside the shockwave circle, press to dodge to the inside of the shockwave, avoiding damage.

If you dodge enough of Lilligant’s attacks in a row, it will be stunned for a short moment, allowing you to throw a Pokemon at it and initiate a battle.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Hisuian Lilligant30Flying, Poison, Fire, Psychic, Ice, FairyGround, Rock, Water, Grass, Electric, Dark

It will start every battle off by poisoning your Pokemon, so either be prepared to heal that affliction, or just hold out against it. Hit it with Super Effective attacks as much as you can and defeat it.

When defeated, it will remain stunned for a while, allowing you to pelt it with Marsh Balms which are twice as effective for as long as it stays stunned.

Once its Frenzy Gauge drops low enough, a cutscene will indicate the end of the fight as Lilligant stops glowing and returns to its normal form.

Lilligant Quelled

You will receive the Meadow Plate from Lilligant and then your companions will gather round to celebrate.

Once the cutscene ends, fast travel back to camp, where Volo will approach you and applaud your efforts thus far. When he leaves, speak to Professor Laventon to hand in your Research and return to Jubilife Village.

Head to the third floor of HQ to report your success to Kamado, officially completing Arezu’s Predicament.

As usual, you’ll meet up with your friends for some Potato Mochi at the Wallflower. Akari/Rei will give you a new crafting recipe for Scatter Bangs too.

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