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Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Story Walkthrough. If you’re just starting your adventure, make sure you jump back to our Getting Started Guide, which will walk you through the main story beats of the game’s introductory missions.

This section of the guide picks up after the completion of the mission “A Request from Mai”.

Frenzied Noble Kleavor

Summoned by Commander Kamado

Back at Jubilife Village, head into the Galaxy Team Headquarters and speak to Commander Kamado on the third floor.

Feel free to visit shops and check up on Requests in Jubilife on your way.

You’ll meet a couple of new faces outside the HQ, Adaman of Diamond Clan and Irida of Pearl Clan.

When you talk to Kamado, he’ll propose sending you to research the frenzied Kleavor that’s causing a lot of distress for both clans. Kleavor is another new Hisuian Pokemon, an evolution of Scyther.

The Frenzy of the Lord of the Woods

With the decision made that you will be helping out, go and speak to Cyllene downstairs for further instruction. After several discussions with a few characters, set off towards Grandtree Arena.

On your way out, Bagin will introduce himself. You can increase your inventory size for a price by speaking with Bagin. See our Satchel Guide.

Grandtree Arena

You can reach Grandtree Arena quicker by setting off from the new Deertrack Heights camp when you leave Jubilife Village.

The trek from the Heights Camp to Grandtree Arena is a long one, with plenty of open area to explore in-between. You should use this opportunity to collect more Pokemon and, in turn, level up your team. You’re going to need to be quite prepared for what lies ahead, so don’t just rush forth.

Take the time to explore, gather resources, and add a few new Pokemon to your collection before finally reaching your destination.

When you get there, speak with a young boy named Lian, who will eventually want to battle you. He has just one Pokemon.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Goomy15Dragon, Ice, FairyGrass, Fire, Electric, Water

After you defeat Lian, Irida will arrive and you’ll all discuss a game plan together. Essentially, the Pearl Clan is going to gather Kleavor’s favorite snacks, and you’re tasked with finding a way to deliver them to it.

Return to Jubilife for Teatime

After the conversation, you will be informed of the pre-existing ability to Fast Travel to Base Camps that you’ve already visited. Use this ability (if you don’t fancy trekking back) to return to the Fiendlands Camp and turn in your research to the Professor.

You will be returned to Galaxy Team HQ, where Professor Laventon will mull over your findings to come up with a new type of ball, called the Teatime Ball, perfect for calming down Kleavor.

You’ll be tasked with returning to Grandtree Arena, where you can let Pearl Clan know of the plan.

Back to Grandtree Arena

You can’t fast travel to Grandtree, so you will need to start from the Heights Camp again and then make your way back to Grandtree Arena.

Quite a drag, huh?

Well, fortunately, Game Freak weren’t just being sadistic when they came up with this idea. No, when you reach the Heights Camp you’ll find a new steed in the form of Wyrdeer, eager to let you ride it to your destination. Marvelous!

You can now call Wyrdeer at almost any time by using the Celestica Flute given to you by Mai and Adaman. To do so, press , and Wyrdeer will magically appear right under you!

Make your way back to Grandtree Arena and inform Lian of your unorthodox plan.

He’ll be happy to help out and insists on beginning asap, but Irida is still apprehensive.

Battle with Irida

She insists that you fight her and her Level 17 Glaceon.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Glaceon17Fire, Fighting, Rock, SteelIce

Her Glaceon is very fast and will often attack twice before you can get a move in, so be prepared to deal with that. Having some potions or a good backup Pokemon will help immeasurably.

When you defeat Irida, she will heal your Pokemon and will express a much more open attitude towards the plan.

A short discussion later, you’ll be thrust into battle with Kleavor, your first Pokemon Boss Fight!

How to Defeat Frenzied Noble Kleavor

As you’ve no doubt gathered by how often the characters have repeated the plan, your goal is to throw these Teatime Balls (or “Forest Balms”) at Kleavor, while avoiding his attacks using to dodge. Your goal is to reduce the yellow “Frenzy Gauge” at the top of the screen to zero.

Kleavor has two attacks that it will direct towards you. For its main attack, it will lean forward with one axe in the air for a moment. When its eye glints yellow, it will rush forward, slashing at you.

To avoid this, dodge either to the left or right, causing it to rush past you.

For its second attack, a circle of air will whip up around it, indicating its attack radius. You need to quickly dodge out of this circle before it unleashes the whirling blade attack.

If Kleavor’s slashing attack causes it to hit a hard surface, it will become stunned for a moment. In these moments, you can throw one of your Pokemon at it, initiating a battle.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Kleavor18Rock, Steel, WaterNormal, Poison

Win the battle and Kleavor will remain stunned. Continue pelting Kleavor with Forest Balms while it is stunned and they will be more effective at reducing its frenzy than normal.

Keep this up until its Frenzy gauge is empty, and a cutscene will indicate the end of the fight.

Kleavor will lose its golden glow and return to normal, offering you an Insect Plate as thanks for calming it before it dashes off behind the large tree to despawn.

Kleavor Quelled

Irida and Lian will approach you for a quick debrief. Irida will give you 3 Sitrus Berries and heal your team and then the two NPCs will leave.

Report to Professor Laventon and then you’ll be returned to Jubilife City where you’ll need to report your success to Captain Kamado on the third floor of Galaxy Team HQ.

Become a Second Star Member

By now, you should have enough Report Points to rank up to a Second Star Member so make sure you visit Cyllene for your promotion. If you don’t have enough points yet, then I would recommend going back into the Obsidian Fieldlands to catch or battle a few more Pokemon.

As a Second Star Member, you will receive the crafting recipes for Super Potions and Feather Balls. Pokemon up to Level 30 will also now obey your orders.

With your successful quelling of Kleavor’s fury reported to Kamado, you’ll learn that he’s been hearing reports of other afflicted Noble Pokemon suffering similar fates to Kleavor.

These Boss “Noble” Pokemon can be considered the game’s replacement for Gym Leaders, and they will play a major role in the gameplay loop for the next 10-15 hours.

You’ll now celebrate at the Wallflower with the Professor and Akari/Rei, where you will learn the Smoke Bomb recipe.

Vessa and the Wisps

On your way back to your quarters, you’ll be approached by a character named Vessa, who would like your aid.

She asks you to follow her and will lead you to the bridge near the Village Gate. There, she reveals some vague knowledge as to what’s happening in Hisui, causing the Nobles to become so Frenzied.

There’s talk of magic and secrets but she mostly expresses a sense of dread about what’s to come and asks you to help her restore a “broken seal.”

She gives you an Odd Keystone and reveals the game’s collectibles; Wisps. These are a totally optional mechanic tied to the “Eerie Apparitions in the Night” request, which can lead to an encounter with Spiritomb if you follow through with it. You can use our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Wisp Locations Guide if you wish to collect all 107 of them.

In the next morning, you’ll meet a new character that kicks off the next chapter of the story…

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