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Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Story Walkthrough. Throughout this walkthrough, we’ll instruct you on the main story beats, ensuring you’re always prepared for any big challenges coming your way and helping to ensure you don’t get lost on your big Hisuian adventure!

This first section of our walkthrough focuses on the game’s introductory moments, the lengthy tutorial and early missions will take around 2 to 3 hours to complete and won’t feature any bosses. Your main objectives here revolve solely around understanding the game’s key mechanics.

Getting Started in Legends Arceus

In An Unfamiliar Land

When you start a New Game, you’ll arrive in Hisui on a beach, faced with Professor Laventon. Complete your discussion with him and then he’ll run off in pursuit of his runaway Pokemon.

Ahead of you, you’ll see an object with yellow markers around it. Head towards it using . When you reach it, you will see that it is a Phone. The Arc Phone, to be exact.

Continue down the path to Professor Laventon and you’ll be given a tutorial on how to use Hisuian Pokeballs. You will be tasked with capturing all three Starter Pokemon; Rowlett, Oshawott, and Cyndaquil.

Catching the Starter Pokemon

Approach one of the Pokemon and hold to aim a Pokeball at them. Releasing will throw the ball. If your ball hits the target Pokemon, it will be encapsulated. Then, you just wait and see if you were successful or if the Pokemon escapes.

Upon success, a small firework will be released from the top of the ball.

Typically, there’s a fairly good chance of a Pokemon escaping capture, but during this tutorial, it seems the catch rates are skewed in your favor until the third attempt.

In order to teach you that not every attempt will be a success, there’s a scripted event whereby the third Pokemon you attempt to capture will escape. Just try again to snag it for good!

Once all three are captured, you’ll automatically return to Laventon. After a short discussion, you’ll agree to help Laventon with his dream of creating the region’s first Pokedex. He will then take you to Jubilife Village.

Jubilife Village

Follow Laventon up through Jubilife’s main street to the Galaxy Team Headquarters. He will rush ahead of you and ask you to wait for him in the Wallflower Canteen to the left past the bridge.

You will be introduced to the game’s map, as well as “Guidance Markers.” Follow the Guidance Marker to the Canteen, where a rather sour man will turn you away. Here, you will meet the main characters Rei/Akari (depending on your chosen character) and Cyllene.

Over an ensuing meal, you’ll learn that in order to be accepted into Galaxy Team’s Survey Corps, you will need to complete a trial.

Once you have control again, head to your temporary quarters and turn in for the night.

The Galaxy Team’s Entry Trial

In the morning, follow the Guidance Marker to the Galaxy Team Headquarters and head inside.

Cyllene will task you with capturing three different species of Pokemon from the Obsidian Fieldlands as a way to prove yourself to Galaxy Team. They will also give you a Satchel for your journey.

Shortly afterward, Laventon will interrupt and you will finally be able to choose which Starter Pokemon you want!

Choosing Your Starter Pokemon

Oshawott is probably the best choice. The typing of Oshawott and its evolution Samurott will give you an advantage against the most number of bosses in the game.

Cyndaquil, despite being a fan-favorite, is the most challenging option to go with. It won’t have a type benefit against many of the bosses and so may struggle in some of the game’s major battles.

Note that you can get the two remaining Starter Pokemon at the end of the game, after you’ve completed the story.

Make your choice and then leave the Galaxy Team Headquarters and go left.

Your First Battle

Continue until you reach the gate, where Rei/Akari asked you to meet them.

There, you will meet a merchant named Volo, who challenges you to your very first Pokemon battle.

Learn the ropes and complete the battle to proceed. Volo will heal your Pokemon after the battle, and give you some Potions to help you keep your Pokemon healed going forward.

You should also earn enough exp from your battle for your starter Pokemon to level up and unlock a new move!

Catching Your First Pokemon

Continue through the gate out of Jubilife and proceed to capture a Bidoof, a Starly, and a Shinx from the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Akari/Rei will teach you a few new tricks to help out, including focus. You can hold to lock onto a Pokemon, making it easier to throw Pokeballs at them.

You’ll also learn how to sneak up on flighty Pokemon like Starly, and engage aggressive Pokemon like Shinx in combat.

Once done, return to Jubilife and report to Cyllene.

Receiving Your Uniform

You’ll be welcomed into Galaxy Team and given your own uniform.

Return to the quarters you slept in earlier and use the mirror inside to change your outfit.

Once appropriately dressed for the time period, head back to Galaxy Team HQ and speak with Captain Kamado on the third floor.

The Basics of Crafting

Back in Cyllene’s office, she will hand you a recipe for crafting Pokeballs and some money, both of which will be very useful moving forward.

Go to the Craftworks in Jubilife Village, to your right when you leave the HQ.


Outside, there’s a workbench where you will learn how to craft your own Pokeballs. Akari/Rei will give you the supplies you need, freeing you up to spend the money you received however you like.

Use the workbench to make up to 20 extra Pokeballs, and then Laventon will appear to speak with you again.

The New Pokedex

He will give you a Pokedex to use moving forward.

An interesting feature of the Pokedex in Pokemon Legends Arceus is that you don’t simply learn everything there is to know about a Pokemon by capturing it one time. No, there are research tasks to complete. The more tasks you complete, the more you will learn about each Pokemon.

In turn, once you hand in your completed tasks to Laventon, you’ll earn research points to increase your research rank so that you can progress the story and access new areas.

Feel free to explore the Village a bit more before moving on and see if there’s anything, such as clothing or a new hairstyle, that you’d like to spend your money on.

You should also see if any NPCs in the area have some Requests you could complete. Requests are like side quests and completing the associated objectives will result in extra rewards. Sometimes you’ll even be rewarded with a new Pokemon!

Getting to Work on Research Tasks

Now it’s finally time to get stuck into what this game has to offer! Head back to the Obsidian Fieldlands and get to work completing Research Tasks in the Pokedex.

Continue to earn research points by capturing and battling Pokemon in the area. Akari/Rei will teach you a few new tricks such as dodging and checking research tasks on the fly, but after that, you’re on your own!

Accepting NPC requests and working on those is a good way to drive you to complete research tasks while working towards an optional objective that results in an additional reward.

Once you’ve completed a good chunk of research tasks by capturing new Pokemon, capturing Pokemon multiple times, and observing different Pokemon attacks during battle, return to Laventon at the camp to receive money and research points.

Earn at least 500 points to be worthy of First Star Rank.

Once done, you’ll be returned to Jubilife automatically. Go to Galaxy Team’s HQ and speak to Cyllene to get your promotion.

A Request from Mai

A Battle with Rei/Akari

Over celebratory dinner, Akari/Rei will reveal a request they got, but don’t feel confident about completing; a trainer called Mai wants to battle!

Before going out to deal with that, they will ask you to battle them at the Training Ground in Jubilife.

Head over there and mar their confidence by kicking their butt.

PokemonWeak to…Resistant to…
PikachuGroundElectric, Flying, Steel

Once done, they’ll invite you to come and meet Mai with them at the foot of Aspiration Hill in the Obsidian Fieldlands.

You will also meet Zisu and learn about Move Masteries. Visit Zisu if you want to learn some new moves, and then head out to meet with Akari/Rei.

Battling Mai

Eventually, you will end up fighting Mai in battle yourself, so be prepared for a tough battle with her Level 10 Munchlax.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…

After the battle, she will heal your Pokemon and give you some crafting materials.

She’ll explain that there’s some trouble and asks for your assistance in dealing with it up on Deertrack Heights.

Proceed to the waypoint but feel free to explore a little bit on the way, maybe catch a few Kricketot and Geodude.

Alpha Kricketune

At the top of the hill, you’ll meet with Mai and Professor Laventon before fighting the powerful Level 12 Alpha Kricketune. Make sure you have some strong Fire, Rock, or Flying attacks you can use to deal with it.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Alpha Kricketune12Flying, Rock, FireFighting, Ground, Grass

Once it’s defeated, you’ll have your first encounter with a new Hisui Pokemon and a new Base Camp will be set up on Deertrack Heights!

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