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Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Story Walkthrough. If you’re just starting your adventure, make sure you jump back to our Getting Started Guide, which will walk you through the main story beats of the game’s introductory missions.

This section of the guide picks up after the completion of the mission “The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra”.

The Lake Trials

Disaster Looming

You will be awakened in the night by a frightfully loud “Ba-Koooooom!”

When you stand up, the mission “Disaster Looming” will become active. Head outside to investigate the ruckus.

Outside, you will notice the sky is looking rather strange.

Your companions are gathered outside Galaxy HQ and you’ll rush over to meet with them.

You’ll be brought into Professor Laventon’s Lab, where he’ll explain that the cause of the red sky is the space-time rift above Mt. Coronet.

You’re then interrupted by Cyllene who informs you that Kamado wishes to speak with you in his office.

Kamado’s Office

You will, once again, be automatically taken to the next scene, where you’ll find that Adaman and Irida are also here in Kamado’s office.

Suddenly, Kamado will turn on you, insisting that you’re the cause of the Frenzied Nobles and, indeed, the current situation.

Kamado suggests that you clear your name by resolving the situation and restoring normality. You will get only one chance to prove you are not of ill intent.

In the meantime, he will banish you from Galaxy Team and strip you of your status as a Survey Corps member. Things are getting quite serious indeed!

Irida and Adaman will try to change his mind, but it seems the Commander is resolute in his decision to kick you out of Jubilife Village.

You’ll immediately be taken outside where you will share the bad news with Laventon and Akari/Rei.

Follow Cyllene to the Village Gates while the villagers voice their doubts and disappointment.

Once you reach the gate, Cyllene expresses a desire to personally escort you to the Fieldlands Camp. Laventon and Akari/Rei will tag along too.


At the Fieldlands Camp, you will discuss your fate with your companions and brainstorm ideas for how to proceed.

It’s decided that you will stay with either the Diamond or Pearl Clan. You will need to find them first.

Start by heading back to Grandtree Arena and talking to Lian there.

He’s awfully accusatory when you arrive, but ask him for help nonetheless.

He regretfully admits that there isn’t much he can do but suggests that Mai may be more helpful. He’ll tell you her location, giving you a new waypoint to go to.

Head to the Worn Bridge to speak with Mai and ask her for help.

Unfortunately she, too, tells you she can’t be of aid to you.

When the conversation ends, you’ll walk to the nearby lake to reflect on things when Volo appears and offers you a much-needed helping hand.

He already knows the whole situation and offers to “stash you away in secret.”

The Ancient Retreat

He will automatically take you to a small encampment called the “Ancient Retreat.”

Follow Volo further into the hideaway to find a new character named Cogita.

Volo will make introductions and Cogita will show you pity, despite calling you a “wretch.”

She invites you into her tent, where she shares with you the prophecized solution to the rift problem. You will need to visit Hisui’s three lakes; Verity, Valor, and Acuity.

At each lake, you must enter a cave and meet with a mythical Pokemon. Complete the trials they ask of you and they will each give you items to take to a place called the “Shrouded Ruins.”

There, you can acquire the Red Chain, capable of gluing the world back together.

Well, at least now you have an objective! Accept the duties and then head out to begin the three Lake Trials.

When you leave Cogita’s tent, you’ll see that Cyllene’s Abra has followed you here. It carries a note offering its services to help you retrieve and deposit Pokemon between your party and the pasture!

Shortly afterward, Irida and Adaman will also arrive at the Retreat. They offer to help you, but insist that it must be subtle as they don’t want to cause conflict between Galaxy Team and their respective clans.

You will need to choose just one person to help you. Either Irida and the Pearl Clan, or Adaman and the Diamond Clan.

Should you Choose the Adaman or Irida?

This choice will actually have a very minor effect on the story, but it won’t change the ending. It will, however, affect which Legendary Pokemon you get first, later in the game.

Note that you can catch them both regardless of your choice here.

To help illustrate the effects, I’ve created the table in the spoiler tags below. There are fairly major spoilers within so only take a peek if you’re really nervous about making the wrong choice.

Choose Adaman Choose Irida
You will get help from Adaman moving forward. You will get help from Irida moving forward.
You will fight Dialga at the end of the story. You can catch it. You will fight Palkia at the end of the story. You can catch it.
You will fight Origin Forme Palkia after capturing Dialga. You will catch it automatically. You will fight Origin Forme Dialga after capturing Palkia. You will catch it automatically.

Make your choice and then the remaining clan leader will agree to keep an eye on Commander Kamado while you set out to complete the Lake Trials.

Decide which of the three lakes to visit and your chosen clan leader will meet you there.

You can do these three missions in any order you like, but for the sake of this walkthrough, I’ve put them in the order of Verity > Valor > Acuity.

If you’d like an easier time following along then I would advise doing them in the same order.

The Trial of Lake Verity

Lake Verity is on the west edge of the Obsidian Fieldlands. You can get there quite easily by fast traveling to the Heights Camp and then using Braviary to fly west.

Land on the island in the center of the lake and you will find Volo and Adaman/Iridia waiting for you at the waypoint.

When you approach them, you’ll have a short conversation before your Arc Phone begins beeping and then opens a cave entrance.

Enter the cave to face an Alpha Hisuian Goodra.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Alpha Hisuian Goodra58Fighting, GroundNormal, Flying, Poison, Rock, Bug, Steel, Water, Grass, Electric, Psychic

Defeat the Alpha Goodra and Mesprit will appear before you.

Approach Mesprit and it will speak to you using its Psychic abilities.

You will need to answer a series of questions, but don’t worry, there are no wrong answers here.

When you’ve answered Mesprit’s questions, it will give you “Mesprit’s Plume” and you can leave the cave to set off for the next Lake.

When you leave the cave, Volo will offer to take you back to the Ancient Retreat if you wish to leave quicker.

The Trial of Lake Valor

Lake Valor is in the Northeast corner of the Crimson Mirelands, east of the Diamond Settlement.

If you’ve been to the Diamond Settlement before then you can just fast travel there once you arrive, and use Sneaslerand Braviary to easily make your way up to the lake and then over to the island at its center.

Otherwise, use Braviary to quickly make your way across the region.

Meet with Volo and Adaman/Iridia on the island and then your character will open the cave entrance with her Arc Phone.

Head inside and you will find an Alpha Overqwil waiting for you.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Alpha Overqwil58GroundPsychic, Poison, Ghost, Grass, Dark

Defeat it and Azelf will reveal itself before you.

For Azelf’s trial, it will challenge you to hit it with balms.

This is actually completely impossible because Azelf can teleport, but the theme of the trial is perseverance, so you just have to keep trying until Azelf decides you’ve tried enough.

Make sure that when Azelf asks you if you want to give up you respond “I’m not through yet” every time.

After a short while, it will end the trial and give you the “Azelf’s Fang” item. You can now leave the cave and set off for the next Lake.

When you leave the cave, Volo will offer to take you back to the Ancient Retreat if you wish to leave quicker.

The Trial of Lake Acuity

Lake Acuity is at the center of Alabaster Icelands’ north edge.

It is northeast of the Pearl Settlement. If you’ve visited the Pearl Settlement before, you can simply fast travel there when you arrive and then use Sneasler to climb the cliffs up to the lakeside.

Then just use Basculegion or Braviary to cross the waters and arrive on the island at the center, where Adaman/Irida and Volo will be waiting for you.

Once again, you’ll open the cave entrance with the Arc Phone.

Head inside and you will find an Alpha Hisuian Zoroark waiting for you.

PokemonLevelWeak to…Resistant to…
Alpha Hisuian Zoroark58DarkPoison, Bug, Normal, Fighting, Ghost

Defeat it and Uxie will reveal itself before you.

For Uxie’s trial, it will ask you how many eyes certain Pokemon have. It wants you to give it the whole answer at once as one long number, but with each digit being the number of each Pokemon’s eyes.

The solution is in the table below if you wish to know:

PokemonNo. of eyes
So the answer is “60131”

Give Uxie the correct answer and in turn, you will receive “Uxie’s Claw.” You may now leave the cave.

When you leave the cave, Volo will remind you that you now need to take the three items you have received from the Lake Trials to the Shrouded Ruins.

If you’re doing the lakes in a different order then, obviously, you will need to complete all three before he says this to you.

You will automatically be taken to the ruins ad won’t have a say in the matter, really.

The Shrouded Ruins

At the Shrouded ruins, the group will just stand around, unsure of what to do next.

That is, until the three lake Pokemon arrive to help you forge the red Chain.

They will glow red for a moment before creating the red chain right between your hands.

When their job is done they will teleport away, leaving the group rather bewildered, but hopeful.

Things are getting a little tense now, though, as Volo has heard word from the Ginkgo Guild that Kamado is going to head up Mount Coronet himself…

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