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Welcome to our Pokemon Legends: Arceus Unown Guide. Within, we’ve prepared the solution to every Riddle in the Unown Research Notes, as well as screenshots and instructions for helping you locate and catch all 28 different forms of Unown.

There is, unfortunately, no reward for finding all 28 Unown, but you will need to find them all to complete its Pokedex Entry if you’re hoping for 100% completion of the game. Plus, it’s pretty fun finding them all.

Before You Begin

Before you can collect Unown, you will need to progress the story to a certain point. After you’ve received the ability to summon the Ursaluna mount during the main mission “Arezu’s Predicament,” you will speak to Laventon to report your findings and he will note an Unown that has followed you.

Discovering this strange letter-shaped Pokemon will inspire him to add a new Unown section to your Pokedex. To view it, push to bring up your Pokedex and then push to switch to the Unown Research Notes.

There are 28 empty slots and each displays a riddle written in Unown text.

Where to Find All 28 Unown

For those of you that wish to collect all 28 Unown and complete this section in their Pokedex, I’ve “translated” all 28 riddles below, as well as offering their solutions to help you know exactly where to look!

As these Unown are scattered across several locations, I have prepared this quick links menu which organizes the Unown by location, so you can avoid having to flit between regions too much:

Location Menu

Jubilife Vilage
Unown H LocationUnown W LocationUnown ? Location
Obsidian Fieldlands
Unown E LocationUnown G Location Unown I Location
Unown S Location Unown X Location
Crimson Mirelands
Unown A LocationUnown D LocationUnown K Location
Unown M LocationUnown V Location
Cobalt Coastlands
Unown B LocationUnown N LocationUnown Q Location
Unown R LocationUnown Z Location
Coronet Highlands
Unown C LocationUnown F LocationUnown J Location
Unown L LocationUnown P Location
Alabaster Icelands
Unown O LocationUnown T LocationUnown U Location
Unown Y LocationUnown ! Location

01 – Unown A

Riddle Translation: Within the settlement where time rules

Solution: The “settlement where time rules” is the Diamond Clan Settlement in the northeast corner of the Crimson Mirelands.

There, look for Unown A on top of the eastern tent. Throw a Pokeball up there to catch it.

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02 – Unown B

Riddle Translation: Turn your eyes up at the volcanic island

Solution: Unown B is found on Firespit Island in the Cobalt Coastlands.

On the West side of the island, look up at the Volcano and you should see Unown B stuck to its side.

You will need to fly or climb up to an area guarded by a Level 61 Alpha Ninetales, as this is the only area from where you can get to the Unown.

Throw a Featherball up to it to catch it.

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03 – Unown C

Riddle Translation: Look to the ruined pillars of Celestica

Solution: Go to the Celestica Ruins in Coronet Highlands, east of Summit Camp, past the ruins in Sacred Plaza, where Unown C can be found on top of one of the pillars.

You can use Sneasler to easily climb up the pillar and reach the Unown.

Catch it with a Pokeball.

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04 – Unown D

Riddle Translation: Among stumps and campfire ashes in fields of gold

Solution: At the campfire where you met the Miss Fortune Sisters, north of the camp in the Golden Lowlands region of the Crimson Mirelands.

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05 – Unown E

Riddle Translation: A lone tree on a pond in the grove

Solution: For Unown E, you will need to travel far into the northeastern-most reaches of Obsidian Fieldlands, in an area called “Grueling Grove.”

There, you will find a small lake with a tiny island on it. On said island there’s a single tree.

Approach the tree and you should see Unown E clinging onto the trunk.

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06 – Unown F

Riddle Translation: A stony outcrop over pools of mud on a mighty mountain

Solution: This Unown can be tricky to find. Go to the “Ancient Quarry” area of Coronet Highlands and then, rather than entering the Quarry tunnel, climb or fly up to the muddy plateau above it.

Look out for the Alpha Sliggoo an Alpha Goodra who guard these mud pits.

You then need to find the highest point up here, along the south edge of the plateau, where you’ll find Unown F among the rocky outcrop.

Throw a Featherball up there to catch it.

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07 – Unown G

Riddle Translation: Atop a waterfall of obsidian

Solution: On the east side of the Obsidian Highlands, in an area called Obsidian Falls, there is a very big Waterfall.

Use Sneasler to climb up the cliffside to the top of the waterfall.

Go over to the large rocks at the mouth of the fall and you should see Unown G clinging onto one of them, on the north side.

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08 – Unown H

Riddle Translation: A village gateway

Solution: Head to the south gate in Jubilife Village and then look up at it.

There’s a banner with some text on it and Unown H is hidden among the text! Throw a Pokeball at it to catch it.

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09 – Unown I

Riddle Translation: The lake island where emotion resides

Solution: This riddle refers to the island on Lake Verity in the Obsidian Fieldlands, home to Mesprit – the being of emotion.

You won’t be able to visit until you at least have access to Basculegion and Sneasler, but it is much easier to reach with Braviary.

Unown I is on the north side of the island, behind the cave entrance at the center.

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10 – Unown J

Riddle Translation: A nook within a quarry

Solution: There is indeed a small nook within the Ancient Quarry in the Coronet Highlands.

It’s a little hard to spot, but if you look vigilantly you’ll surely find it. It is high up on the wall on the east side of the quarry.

It’s too high to hit with a normal Pokeball so you will need to use a Featherball to catch it.

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11 – Unown K

Riddle Translation: Where stones pile high amid fogbound ruins

Solution: A short distance south of the Shrouded Ruins at the north end of Crimson Mirelands, there’s are several peculiar stacks of stones.

Attached to one of these stone piles, you will find Unown K.

Specifically, the one on a small plateau by the cliff edge, with two smaller stacks nearby.

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12 – Unown L

Riddle Translation: An impasse in a cave adorned by twin falls

Solution: Unown L can be found in Wayward Cave.

The entrance to Wayward Cave is between two Waterfalls northwest of the Highlands Camp.

Inside the cave, follow the torches while keeping your eye out for a cracked rock on your left.

When you spot it, use Sneasler to climb up the wall and shimmy past it.

On the other side of the cracked rock, look down the tunnel and you should see Unown L high up on the cave wall.

Throw a Pokeball at it and capture it.

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13 – Unown M

Riddle Translation: A tree felled on sludge

Solution: Go to the Sludge Mound, where you originally fought with Ursaluna, to find a log along the south edge of the mound.

Sitting on this log’s end, you will find Unown M.

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14 – Unown N

Riddle Translation: Two horns rising from the sea

Solution: You can actually see the solution to this riddle on the World Map, jutting out of the sea near the reaching claw of Sands Reach/Deadwood Haunt.

You’ll need to go to the very end of this claw-like formation, where you’ll find two huge stone spikes sticking out of the sea.

You can see them from the beachside camp, even.

Fly over to them with Braviary and then land in the sea next to them, on Basculegion. Or just surf there from the shore on Basculegion’s back.

From Basculegion, look up at the eastern-most “horn” to find Unown N stuck to the east side.

Throw a Pokeball to catch it. You may have an easier time if you Leap before aiming so that you can get closer to it.

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15 – Unown O

Riddle Translation: Three pillars in a world of ice

Solution: Go to Avalanche Slopes in the Southeast side of Alabaster Icelands. There, on the east side, look for this hole in the ground leading to an ice cavern:

Here is the hole’s location on the map:

Head inside and then make your way further into the cavern, until you find a chamber with two frozen pillars and a Level 72 Alpha Froslass.

High up near the top of the pillar to the far left when you enter this chamber, you can find Unown O. Use a Feather ball to capture it.

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16 – Unown P

Riddle Translation: Among flowers at the spring where fairies dwell

Solution: The “spring where fairies dwell” is a flower-filled meadow called “Fabled Spring” in southwest Coronet Highlands.

Make your way there and look for a patch of purple flowers next to the water on the north side of the spring.

Well-hidden among them, you will find Unown P.

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17 – Unown Q

Riddle Translation: Twin trees at the spring by the sea

Solution: For Unown Q, you will need to visit an area called “Spring Path” in the far northwestern corner of Cobalt Coastlands.

You could either surf there via Basculegion or use Braviary to fly there.

In Spring Path, there’s a lake enclosed by high cliffsides you’ll need to climb with Sneasler.

Next to the lake is the entrance to Turnback Cave.

Look for Unown Q hanging in the tree to the left of the Turnback Cave entrance.

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18 – Unown R

Riddle Translation: By the grave upon the cape

Solution: Behind the gravestone where you first met Palina at the tip of Veilstone Cape, you can find this Unown stuck to the rocky ledge.

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19 – Unown S

Riddle Translation: Where stick and log dam the river

Solution: In the Obsidian Fieldlands, there’s a place called “Tidewater Dam”.

This dam was built by Bibarel and Bidoof, using stick and log as described in the riddle.

Look for Unown S washed up against one of the stick piles.

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20 – Unown T

Riddle Translation: Gaze down from atop the greatest glacial legacy

Solution: This Unown requires you to have access to Braviary. Once you can fly through the air via Braviary, land on top of the large Ice formation at the center of Avalugg’s Legacy in Alabaster Icelands.

On the west side of the ice plateau, look down over the edge for a pillar of ice with Unown T sitting at the top.

Throw a Pokeball down to capture it. It’s a little far away, so use a Featherball if you’re struggling to get enough distance on your throw.

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21 – Unown U

Riddle Translation: The unusual stone staring out across the snowfields

Solution: On the east side of Alabaster Icelands, at “Heart’s Cragg” there’s a pool with two waterfalls leading to it.

The waterfalls have a strange stone formation between them.

Use Sneasler to climb up the cliff face to reach the stone formation and then go around the back.

Look up at the formation and you’ll see Unown U looking down at you. Throw a Pokeball up there to capture it.

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22 – Unown V

Riddle Translation: A withered tree in the sprawling red swamp

Solution: Unown V is hidden in the Scarlet Bog region of the Crimson Mirelands.

In one of the pools of mud on the west side of this area, you’ll find Unown V hanging from a Tree. (Hey, that rhymed!)

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23 – Unown W

Riddle Translation: The left eye atop the village

Solution: The eye atop the village that the riddle refers to is the eyes on the Magikarp Statues above Galaxy Team HQ.

You specifically need to look at the one on the west side of the building.

You will need to get up on the hill where the shrine is, next to the Training Grounds.

Then, turn around and look up at the Magikarp, you should just about be able to make out the form of Unown W up there on the Magikarp’s eye.

Use a Feather Ball to hit and catch it.

Tip: Aim just a touch lower than Unown W as the Featherball will rise up higher before reaching it.

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24 – Unown X

Riddle Translation: Scale the Grandtree

Solution: As the riddle would suggest, you need to head to Grandtree Arena in the Obsidian Fieldlands and then use Sneasler to climb up the actual Grandtree where you fought Kleavor.

On the back of the tree, there’s a short branch sticking out which is lower than the rest.

At the end of this branch, you will find Unown X.

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25 – Unown Y

Riddle Translation: Scale the frozen falls

Solution: Go to Icebound Falls, west of the Snowfields camp in Alabaster Icefields, and then climb up the frozen waterfall.

Near the top, sitting on some snow on a frozen section of the fall, you’ll find Unown Y.

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26 – Unown Z

Riddle Translation: A timeworn ship on a sandy shore

Solution: Unown Z can be found on the mast of a shipwreck in the Deadwood Haunt region in the Cobalt Coastlands.

You’ll need to throw a Pokeball up quite high to hit it.

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27 – Unown !

Riddle Translation: A dead tree by the hot spring

Solution: Head to the Snowfall Hot Springs region in the northwest of Alabaster Icelands.

There, look for a very tall but bare tree on the southwest side of the spring.

High up, hanging from a branch, you’ll find this Unown. Throw a Featherball up there to catch it.

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28 – Unown ?

Riddle Translation: Where things hang to dry at living quarters

Solution: Go behind your living quarters in Jubilife Village and you should see this hook-shaped Pokemon hanging on the laundry line.

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