Where to Find Cresselia in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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November 19th, 2021


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Cresselia an optional Legendary Pokémon, available in both Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Pokémon Shining Pearl. To find it, you will first need to have acquired the National Dex and then must sail to Fullmoon Island.

Where to Find Cresselia in Pokémon BDSP

How to Reach Fullmoon Island

Once you have the National Dex, go to Canalave City and enter Sailor Eldritch’s House in the southwest corner of the City.

Inside, speak to the sick child and his Mother.

Once done, leave the house and speak to Sailor Eldritch next to the boat. He will now give you a new option to sail to Fullmoon Island.

Finding Cresselia

Enter the small forest clearing on Fullmoon island to see Cresselia waiting at the center. Interact with it by pressing and it will fly away, leaving behind the Lunar Feather that Sailor Eldritch needs for his son.

Now that you’ve interacted with Cresselia, it will roam the map in the same way that Mesprit does.

The best way to keep track of where it is is to use the Marking Map Pokétch App.

On it, you will see one or two black monster icons blinking on the map (depending on whether you already caught Mesprit or not). One of these icons will be Cresselia, and will show its current location.

If you have more than one icon, there is no way to distinguish which Pokémon the icon relates to, unfortunately.

Its location will remain the same for a short while, but every time you enter a new area there is a chance it will change. If you try to fly near it, its location will change dramatically.

Your best bet is to keep flying until you land somewhere close to it and then walk to the Route where it currently is.

Keep the Marking Map App open in the top-right corner of your screen to make this process easier.

Catching Cresselia

Once your location and the Pokémon’s location match up, you can start looking for it in grassy patches until you encounter it or it moves again.

When you encounter it, you should try to weaken it unless you have a Master Ball, with which you can catch it instantly.

Another good ball is Quick Ball, which has a high catch rate when used at the start of the battle.

Whether you throw a ball or attack it, it will flee immediately unless you capture it. You will then need to chase it down again.

Any damage you do to Cresselia will persist and it will not heal between encounters.

This can work to your benefit if you reduce its health until its HP bar is red, and then use a Quick Ball at the start of the next encounter.

Preventing Cresselia from Fleeing

If you have a Pokémon with the Shadow Tag ability or a move like Mean Look or Block which will all prevent Pokémon from fleeing, you can keep Cresselia in the battle with you, thus forcing it to stay and fight.

Note that the Arena Trap ability won’t work with Cresselia or Mesprit because they have the Levitate ability.

The Pokémon Wobuffet commonly has the Shadow Tag ability. You can find Wobuffet by using the Pokéradar in the grass at any of the three lakes.

For Shadow Tag to remain effective, however, you will need to keep Wobuffet on the field. If you swap it out, the effect will dissipate and Cresselia will flee.

If you manage to prevent it from fleeing, you will want to use moves like Hypnosis or Thunder Wave to Sleep/Paralyze it, thus making it easier to catch.

Note that Wobuffet is unfortunately unable to learn any such moves.

Probably the best Pokémon to use is Bronzong. It can learn both Block and Hypnosis, thus allowing you to prevent Cresselia from fleeing and then put it to sleep.

If Cresselia cannot flee, barrage it with Ultra Balls and eventually Timer Balls to have a good chance of capturing it. Dusk Balls are a good option too if you happen to run into Cresselia at night.

What If you Accidentally Defeat Cresselia?

If you accidentally defeat a Legendary Pokémon like Cresselia in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, you can make them respawn by defeating the Elite Four again.

Be wary, though, for the Elite Four will be much more powerful the second and third time you face them. After the third time, their team and levels will remain fixed.

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