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Wondering where you can find Gible is only natural. Whether or not you’ve already struggled against Cynthia’s earth-splitting Garchomp, many fans are already aware that Garchomp–Gible’s final evolution–is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the Sinnoh Pokédex and a must-have for any trainer taking on the Elite Four.

I took a thorough beating from Cynthia’s Garchomp after my first run at the Elite Four.

Where to Find Gible in Pokémon BDSP

Before You Begin

Before you can find Gible, you will need to have three things;

  • The bicycle, acquired by saving the Bike Shop Owner from Team Galactic in Eterna City.
  • Hidden Move (HM) Strength, from an old lady on the top floor of the Lost Tower on Route 209, south of Solaceon Town.
  • The Mine Badge from Byron, Canalave City’s sixth Gym Leader.

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements, you will be able to enter the hidden location to find and obtain a Gible.

Secret Wayward Cave Entrance Location

First, go to Route 206, also known as Cycling Road, south of Eterna City.

At the southern-most end of this route, you will be able to find some trees that you can cut down using the Hidden Move (HM) Cut.

Cut your way through them and then head all the way north, underneath the Cycling Road, until you come across a Hiker.

From there, you will need to head under Cycling Road and then start pushing your character against the rock wall to the north, searching for a secret entrance into a specific part of Wayward Cave.

Pictured here is what you can see when standing directly outside the secret entrance.

Under the western edge of the road, you will find that you can walk further north and eventually enter Wayward Cave.

Inside, you will notice that large boulders surround you. You can only move these boulders if you have Hidden Move (HM) Strength.

Move them out of the way and head down the stairs to your left, deeper into the cave where it’s not so dark.

Here, you will have a 15% chance of encountering Gible, so just walk around until you are attacked by one. You will then be able to catch it.

I recommend using a Quick Ball at the start of the battle, and if that doesn’t work lower its health and use Dusk Balls as they have a very high capture rate when used at night or in caves like this one!

Why You Should Add Gible to Your Team

Gible itself is not that desirable of a Pokémon. Sure, it’s a menacingly cute little fellow, but it’s not the most powerful of companions. No, what makes Gible such a desirable Pokémon is its final evolution, Garchomp.

About Garchomp

Gible evolves into Gabite at Level 24 and then Garchomp at Level 48.

Garchomp, a mighty Ground & Dragon-type Pokémon, falls under a category of Pokémon colloquially referred to as “Pseudo-Legendaries.”

Pseudo-Legendaries Explained

A Pseudo-Legendary is a Pokémon which is not considered by Pokémon lore to be a Legendary Pokémon, but which has stats equally as powerful as those of actual Legendaries.

There are a total of 9 Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon that The Pokémon Company have released so far, and most of them–like Garchomp–are Dragon-type. I’ve compiled a full list below for those interested:

DragoniteDragon & FlyingGen 1 / Kanto
TyranitarRock & DarkGen 2 / Johto
SalamenceDragon & FlyingGen 3 / Hoenn
MetagrossSteel & PsychicGen 3 / Hoenn
GarchompDragon & GroundGen 4 / Sinnoh
HydreigonDark & DragonGen 5 / Unova
GoodraDragonGen 6 / Kalos
Kommo-oDragon & FightingGen 7 / Alola
DragapultDragon & GhostGen 8 / Galar

Garchomp Base Stats

As I stated above, Garchomp’s Base Stats make it worthy of Pseudo-Legendary status.

Base Stats are a Pokémon’s lowest possible stats. These are measured with the assumption that the Pokémon is Level 1 and has the “Hindering” nature, the least stat-increasing nature.

Garchomp’s Base Stats are as follows:

StatBase Value
Special Attack80
Special Defense85
By the time your Gabite has evolved into Garchomp, its stats will be dramatically higher than shown above.

As you can surely see, Garchomp is a formidable ally and will be a massive help in defeating Sinnoh’s remaining Gym Leaders, as well as the Elite Four. Just be careful when fighting Dragon, Fairy, and especially Ice-type enemies, which can deal devastating blows thanks to Garchomp’s Dragon/Ground typing.

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