Where to Find Giratina in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Nintendo Switch

Release Date

November 19th, 2021


Nintendo, The Pokémon Company



The star of the old Nintendo DS game; Pokémon Platinum, Giratina makes a grand return in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl via a post-game event, accessible only once you have the National Dex.

Where to Find Giratina in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Reaching Turnback Cave

Once you have the National Dex, you should fly to Veilstone City and then head south to Route 214. Keep your eye out on the eastern side of this area for a new path that wasn’t previously there.

When you enter the path, its name “Spring Path” will appear in the top-left corner of your screen.

Follow this path east to a new area called “Sendoff Spring”.

At the north edge of Sendoff Spring, look for a climbable cliffside. Use HM Rock Climb to reach the top of a crater.

Head around to the north side of this crater, where you will find another climbable cliffside.

Use HM Rock Climb to reach the bottom of this cliff, where you will see a cave entrance.

Go inside to enter Turnback Cave.

Navigating Turnback Cave

For starters, Turnback Cave is filled with thick fog. You will have a very difficult time completing this next segment if you don’t use HM Defog via your Pokétch here to restore visibility.

In front of you, there is some Unown text on the wall. It says “…Past three pillars…to the sleeping… …before 30 is surpassed…”

What it is trying to say is that Giratina appears in the room after the one containing the third Unown text pillar.

Additionally, if you enter more than 30 rooms without finding Giratina, you will be returned to the entrance and will need to start again.

The layout of Turnback Cave is randomly generated in its entirety, so I am unfortunately unable to provide instructions through the maze.

Each room contains four doorways and you will need to simply pick one at random, hoping that there is a pillar inside with Unown text on it.

If you try to go back via a doorway you have just entered through, you will be returned to the entrance.

If you interact with one of the pillars, it will display two numbers. The top number is how many pillars you have found so far. The bottom number is how many rooms you have entered so far.

Once you have found three pillars, Giratina is guaranteed to be in the next room.

Catching Giratina

When you find Giratina, interact with it via to begin a battle with it. As with any Pokémon, you will need to weaken it and then try to catch it with a Pokéball.

It is Level 70 and Ghost/Dragon-type. Its weaknesses are Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy-type attacks.

Due to its Ghost typing, it is immune to normal-type attacks and so you can’t use False Swipe here to easily reduce its HP to 1. As a result you will need to try and carefully reduce its HP.

It has a very annoying habit of using Pain Split to recover its HP, making it even harder to capture.

A good idea would be to save the game before interacting with Giratina. That way, if you see its health drop to zero, you can quickly close the game and load your save back up to try again.

I recommend Dusk Balls which will be extra effective in this dark cave.

If you have kept your Master Ball up to this point, try to save it for roaming Legendaries like Mesprit or Cresselia, rather than using it here.

What If you Accidentally Defeat Giratina?

If you accidentally defeat a Legendary Pokémon like Giratina in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, you can make them respawn by defeating the Elite Four again.

Be wary, though, for the Elite Four will be much more powerful the second and third time you face them. After the third time, their team and levels will remain fixed.

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