Where to Find Riolu in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

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November 19th, 2021


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Riolu, who evolves into fan-favorite Pokémon Lucario, is only available once per playthrough and cannot be found in the wild. Because of this, many players are naturally left wondering where to find a Riolu.

You can acquire a Riolu Egg from a specific NPC in Pokémon BDSP, and through this guide we aim to help you get your hands on it!

Where to Find Riolu in Pokémon BDSP

Getting to Iron Island

To get a Riolu you will first need to progress the story until you have HM Surf and the Hearthome Gym badge from Fantina. Following that, you will be able to surf west from Jubilife City to Canalave City.

There, look for a sailor standing next to a large ship on the southwestern side of the city. Talk to him and you will be able to choose to travel to Iron Island.

There, you will notice a cave entrance. Go inside and then head down the stairs on your right.

On this floor, go south and ride the elevator down to another two sets of stairs. Walk down the ones on your left and you will see an NPC called Riley in a garish blue outfit ahead of you.

Helping Riley

Speak to him and he will offer to explore the rest of the cave with you. Join him and then continue exploring this floor with him at your side.

He and his Lucario will join you in double battles and he will keep your team fully healed after each fight for as long as he is with you, making this a great place to farm exp if any of your Pokémon need leveling up!

Make your way to the elevator to the south of this cavern with Riley and you will come to encounter two Team Galactic Members. Team up with Riley to defeat them and then Riley will give you an egg as thanks for helping him.

The egg that Riley gives to you will hatch into Riolu after around 6,400 steps. You can use the Pedometer Pokétch App to count how many steps you have taken, to help you better gauge when the egg will hatch.

Due to a bizarre glitch, Riley is completely invisible in this screenshot!

About Lucario

How to Evolve Riolu

To evolve your Riolu into Lucario, you will need to level it up during the day while it has a happiness value of 220. Though you cannot view this value in-game, you can use the Friendship Checker Pokétch App to monitor the happiness of Riolu while it is in your party.

There are a few things you can do to improve the happiness of a Pokémon in your party:

  • Make it the first Pokémon in your party.
  • Make it hold a Soothe Bell to double happiness gains.
  • Use the “Walk with Pokémon” option to let it out of its Pokéball.
  • Feed it Poffins.
  • Win battles with Riolu.
  • Take it to the Massage Girl in Veilstone City, who will massage one Pokémon per day for you.
  • Feed it Vitamins (HP Up, Protein, Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Carbos, PP Up)

Be careful not to do any of the following, which will decrease your Pokémon’s happiness value:

  • Let it faint in battle.
  • Feed it bitter items.
  • Keep your Pokémon in the PC Box.

Lucario’s Type & Resistances

Lucario is a powerful Pokémon who can learn many Steel and Fighting-type attacks. It will learn Aura Sphere, a devastating Fighting-type attack with an attack value of 80, just by evolving from Riolu.

Its unique Fighting and Steel-type matchup, it is resistant to Normal, Grass, Ice, Poison, Bug, Rock, Dragon, Dark, and Steel types and will only take major damage from Fire, Ground, and Fighting-type attacks. We’ve compiled a full list of Lucario’s resistances below:


The sheer number of types that Lucario is resistant to is a huge reason why it is such a desirable Pokémon, along with its unique design.

Fans of Fighting-type Pokémon will be pleasantly surprised to find that attacks that are usually devastating to a Fighting-type Pokémon, such as Flying and Psychic-type attacks, are resisted by Lucario.

Thank you for choosing Super SwitchUp as your source for this guide. We hope that the information above has proved useful and that we see you again soon!

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