Where to Find Rotom in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


Nintendo Switch

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November 19th, 2021


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Rotom is a cute-looking and rare Ghost/Electric-type Pokémon available only once you have acquired the National Dex in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Through the use of this guide, we will show you where to find Rotom as well as how to change its form once you have captured it!

How to Get Rotom in Pokémon BDSP

Rotom will only appear at night and under the condition that you have acquired the National Dex.

If it is not currently night in your game, and you don’t want to wait, you can simply open your Switch Console’s settings and manually set the time.

With those two conditions met, head to Eterna Forest, west of Eterna City, and look for cuttable trees at the north end.

Use HM Cut to get past them and then head north to the Old Chateau and head inside.

Go upstairs and enter the door in the middle to enter a corridor with five doors along the north side.

Enter the room second from the left, where you will find a TV displaying static.

Press on the TV and you will be asked if you want to thump it. Select “Yes” to be attacked by a Level 15 Rotom!

You should be able to capture it by just throwing an Ultra Ball without attacking it. At least, that worked for me!

How to Change Rotom’s Form in Pokémon BDSP

The Galactic Building Secret Room

After you capture Rotom in the Old Chateau, you will also find a “Secret Key” item.

With the Secret Key in your inventory, go to the Galactic Building on the north side of Eterna City. The one that you need HM Cut to enter.

On the bottom floor, press on the small section of wall in the top-left corner, left of the bookshelves.

The Secret Key will be used and a doorway will be revealed!

Head inside the secret room and you will see five orange appliances lined up, from left to right; a Microwave, a Fan, a Fridge, a Washing Machine, and a Lawnmower.

If you interact with one of these appliances while Rotom is in your party, you will be asked if you’d like to change Rotom’s form. Depending on the appliance you choose, Rotom will be able to learn a powerful new move and will change its type, see below:

ApplianceNew Type CombinationNew Move
Microwave ovenElectric/FireOverheat (Fire)
Electric fanElectric/FlyingAir Slash (Flying)
RefrigeratorElectric/IceBlizzard (Ice)
Washing machineElectric/WaterHydro Pump (Water)
Lawn mowerElectric/GrassLeaf Storm (Grass)
With each form change, Rotom loses its Ghost-type affinity making ghost-type moves less effective.

Note that if you teach it any of the above moves, the move will change along with its form.

So, if you choose to change Rotom to its Refrigerator form and teach it Blizzard, Blizzard will automatically change to Leaf Storm when you change Rotom to the Lawnmower form.

If you choose not to teach it a move, though, you will miss out on this benefit.

The Rotom Catalog

The first time you interact with one of these appliances and change Rotom’s form, the Key Item “Rotom Catalog” will be added to your bag.

By using it, you can change Rotom’s form at any time, in any place.

You will need to manually add all five appliances to the catalog by interacting with them all and letting Rotom enter each one’s motor.

Once you’ve added them all to your Rotom Catalog, you can change Rotom’s form by selecting “Rotom Catalog” in your bag’s Key Items pocket and using it on Rotom in your party.

Changing Rotom Back

If you would prefer to keep Rotom’s Electric/Ghost-type affinity, you will need to change it back to its default form.

You can’t do that from the appliances in the room, but it’s simple to do via the Rotom Catalog. Just use it on Rotom from your bag’s “Key Items” pocket and then select “Light Bulb” from the list of appliances.

Thank you for choosing Super SwitchUp as your source for this guide. We hope that the information above has proved useful and that we see you again soon!

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